Saturday, 28 January 2012

Act crabby. Get caned

Over two weeks without punishment didn’t mean I was suddenly the ultimate submissive. And it’s not been the reason for a lack of updates.

Work, followed by illness, followed by more work, put our FLR on the back burner – just when it had really taken off again.

In my moments of weakness, Mistress was a tower of strength, tending to everything in the house that I’ve not been well enough to do. But I’d been a bit crabby and Mistress told me that I’d had better watch my tongue because ill or not, she was making a note of any faults as usual and I would pay for them.

She also pointed out that there would be payback for all the time I’ve been either sat on the couch ‘playing at being too sick to cope with my chores’ or away working, leaving Mistress to fend for herself.

Now I’m back in circulation to start tending to my duties, which in turn I suspected meant a return to a more stricter regime in the house that had become the norm.

I missed my maintenance punishment on Thursday. In fact I’ve missed two Thursday’s now so I was a bit worried that I might be due a double dose.

Over the past couple of days I contemplated the fact that Mistress doting on me would soon cease and I would be back in servitude – which I was looking forward to. And I would soon be re-acquainted with the cane – which I was also looking forward to.

My desire to be caned has actually become quite strong over the past two days. My crabbiness was a display of ungratefulness toward Mistress, so I deserved to suffer for that, but also I had that ‘need’ – you know, when you begin to fantasise about how severe you’d like that next thrashing to be.

I’ve not had that ‘need’ for a while because being punished on a regular basis had effectively dulled any desire for extra beatings. In fact, as you recall, I was working hard to avoid any such extra sessions.

In my fantasy, but also in reality, I was certainly hoping that Mistress would afford no leniency when she did employ the cane again. I’ve thought of that a lot about leniency since my last session with the cane and wrote briefly about it last time. I don’t know what others think but I don’t believe leniency should have a place in a DD relationship because the whole point is that you are punished as a means of correction for faults committed.

I should not have had any concerns. I didn’t have to wait long to be caned.

We were having a quiet wander to the local shops and I made a couple of innocuous but negative comments as we chatted. Mistress suddenly pulled me up sharp and said I’d better change my attitude by the time we got back home.

Inside the shop she again picked up on something negative I said and the minute we got inside the door back home she told me to fetch the cane. I gave a quizzical look but said nothing. Mistress caught my look and said: “I’m fed up with you showing me up in public with your negative attitude.”

Mistress had either picked up my ‘need’ or had a need of her own to satisfy and this trumped-up charge was her excuse to beat me.

I didn’t argue though and was secretly delighted it was Mistress that took the initiative and not me having to ask for a beating. It's excting how much Mistress now controls this side our our lives.

I suffered. It was a normal 36-stroke maintenance-type caning but in batches of 12, 8 and then 16 for some reason. I could tell the strokes weren’t as hard as Mistress is capable of. However maybe it was because I’ve not been caned for a couple of weeks, or maybe because I’m not fully myself, but it stung like blazes.

Mistress insisted she was being 'leninet' but  my bottom was quite well marked with those lovely white stripes, edged in a dark red you get with reasonably hard strokes.

“Did you enjoy that?” Mistress asked.

“Yes, thank you Mistress. Did you?”

“I will if it’s help curbed your negative attitude. It is so tiresome.”

Mistress told me I had better behave myself for the rest of the weekend but to put the cane away “for now.”
She’s gone out to meet up with a friend for a shopping afternoon but judging by her demeanour, I don’t think she’s finished using the cane this weekend. Wishful thinking on my part? Not at all. It’s just that I’ve noticed that the further we travel along this road, the more Mistress engages with her position of authority and the more she enjoys inflicting a good thrashing.


  1. Hi RM:

    Sounds like being rewarded for bad behavior! ;-)

  2. I want to be rewarded for bad behavior!

  3. Hi
    It sounds as though the relationship is coming on fine.
    Enjoy your position in the marriage now that you have chosen it and don't let her down.
    Michael M