Monday, 26 November 2012

The Caning Hour

Mistress is away on business for a few days so tonight I've passed the time watching a video on Spanking Tube called The Caning Hour. It’s a series of old American femdom corporal punishment clips.

I’m sure some of you CP scholars would be able to determine the source but fom the video you could determine that the American way of caning is very different to strict British discipline.
Forgive the generalisations but here in Britain, the home of the cane, our ‘tradition’ is for very measured hard strokes, delivered at set intervals – allowing every nasty stroke to soak in before the next is applied.

The American method of caning – if this video is any guide - seems to be very different. There’s virtually no time between strokes – just long enough for the lady to draw the cane back and apply it again. And they apply it with serious venom. It’s a wholly athletic approach to delivering a caning as they apply a large amount of strokes too.

I knew this from watching countless clips over the years. But this film brought it back to me.
All the ladies in question take a different approach to using the cane. Some take full-blooded strokes and follow through, some take the same full blooded stroke but bounce the cane off the bottom with a neat little wrist action at the last split second. Others use very little arm action and reply heavily on their wrist.

At the tail end (no pun intended) of the video a hapless male is subjected to a particularly severe caning session, delivered in batches between trips to the corner each time his mistress lectures him.
Whatever the method, the punishments tend to be on the vicious side. I can’t imagine how the males subjected to these punishments hold their position because there is no mercy.

I like the style of these clips becasue they don't just focus of he application of the rod, there's a consistent apporach of showing the lady's legs as she canes, highlighting  how they swivel on the toes of their stilettoes to help generate the force of the stroke!

I never get the chance to study Mistress' caning action. I just feel it. She canes me at a tempo of somewhere between what you might expect of a traditional style of British caning, to the American style.  But while some of the strokes are pretty much full force, she’s also lenient with others – especially those in the crease at the tops of my thighs, where the Americans just deliver every stroke full force.

I do wonder if this style of caning at speed is prevalent with the majority of dominant American ladies brought up using the paddle in a similar quick-action style. Or whether any have adopted the more traditional method of delivering a slow, measured discipline session.

From a submissive’s perspective, the American way frightens me to death – yet
such ‘whippings’ excites me. But for someone who struggles to take 36 strokes delivered a reasonably quick tempo, I can’t imagine the state I’d be in taking 50-60 at the sort of pace these American ladies cane at.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Feeling like a punished schoolboy

Do you suffer the same degree of pain from similar punishment sessions or is each time different?
Are you strong sometimes and not others?

Do you always have the same submissive feelings when you submit to your dominant partner?

Does it feel really real when your partners points out the errors of your ways?

I pose these questions because today’s 36-stroke maintenance caning had a different dynamic from any other but at first there seemed no specific reason why.

Today I genuinely felt like I had some inkling of what it must have been like to have been caned by the headmaster/mistress – or a prefect at school. The caning I'd longed to experience but never did. I’ve often fantasised about what the experience would have been like had I faced such consequences back then – but I’ve long accepted I’ll never discover those feelings. Or have I come close to that reality?

Tonight, while I was bent over the bench, it suddenly occurred to me that this is what it really must be like when that cane thwacks against your schoolboy bottom and leaves that searing, burning sting.

I’ve been caned hundreds of times as an adult but never even linked it to a schoolboy connection so once my punishment was over I tried desperately to understand what triggered those faults.

I think it started with my initial lecture. Maintenance had been postponed from Thursday because Mistress was out with friends.

We both happened to be at home today and I was working from our little office upstairs but I half expected Mistress would deal with me later this evening.

I vaguely heard Mistress call but was finishing off some work and ignored her.

That was my big mistake. The next thing I became aware of was Mistress towering over me, telling me to stand up.

We stood face to face, inches apart. “You ignored me calling. I should not have to come upstairs to you. It is your place to come to me. You are a very naughty boy.”

I could feel and smell Mistress’ sweet, warm breath as she stood berating me. When you are that close and your eyes are transfixed on each other, there’s an incredible bond. It’s normally the split second before a loving embrace. But this was the dominant partner is putting her submissive in his place.

“Yes Mistress,” was about the best I could offer in response.

“I’m not happy with you. There was the car park incident yesterday too.”

I was leaving a car park when someone began reversing out into my right of way. Mistress shouted at me to watch out. Instead of thanking her for her keen observation, I got angry that I’d not spotted the car first, got very offish with Mistress and shouted back.

“Your attitude was appalling yesterday. I wish I had been home in the evening, I would have thrashed you. You are such a naughty boy. I want you to prepare yourself for punishment.”

I scurried off as ordered and was duly caned over the bench. 12 strokes in, Mistress stopped and left the room. I’ve no idea what she was dealing with, but she was gone for a minute or so. 12 more strokes and she left the room again. By now, as you can imagine, my bottom was on fire.

It was this during this break – several minutes this time - when I started wondering about how I’d have felt bending over in the head’s office and waiting when he or she dealt with some other matter. I imagined the nervous tension. In fact I didn’t need to imagine – I was feeling it.

I desperately wanted my punishment over, no matter how much it hurt. Just being bent over, my bottom stinging, throbbing and feeling very swollen seemed to amplify my suffering and set my nerves jangling. I knew what was still to come.

And I think this was the parallel. At school – or within an old judicial system – you would have no choice but to accept your punishment. And here was I, an adult male, well into his 50s, with no choice but to remain bent over this bench and await Mistress’ pleasure. I finally knew – I convinced myself – how I would have felt being told to report to the head.

My reverie was broken when Mistress returned. I knew she still had the cane in her hand, there was that dry clatter of rattan as she caught it on the door coming into the room.

Moments later the sound was one of a short, sharp swish and that cane bit into my bottom again. I took my last 12. They seemed even harder than the first 24.

Mistress released my wrists and left the room. I picked up the cane and returned it to the wardrobe upstairs and returned to my work.

Maybe five minutes had passed. I was called back downstairs.

Mistress was waiting at the foot of the stairs. Again she stood inches from me. I could tell by the look she was far from happy. “Did I tell you to put the cane away? Did I say I had finished with you?”

She wasn’t shouting but she was angry. I could see her lips twitching as she tried to control herself.
“No Mistress but…..”

“But nothing. You have had maintenance. There is the small matter of the car park and ignoring me earlier. Extras! Go and fetch the leather paddle.”

We have two. One spoon-shaped, one like a short three-tailed tawse. I got both.

I rushed back downstairs. Mistress chose the spoon-shaped one.

“Bend over the stairs.”

I knelt on the bottom stair and put my head on my hands. There was an onslaught of hard slaps to my bared bottom. She targeted my left cheek because it’s never as marked as my right one, Mistress applying the cane right-handed.

I have no idea how many. They were too fast to count and I was writhing around too much to care.
I stood when told. She handed me the implements.

“Now you may put everything away.”

I went to take them.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you for punishing me Mistress.”

She motioned with her eyes for me to leave her sight.

Her demeanour amplified my feeling of being treated like a naughty schoolboy. And I don’t think it’s a bad thing. In fact I’m rather happy with the tone that Mistress adopted today. I felt that she displayed the kind of real authority that I need.

I’ve always felt a degree of submission in those situations but this was different. I felt inferior, if that’s the right word, like Mistress was truly in charge of me for the first time. The telling off felt very real and had poignancy. I suppose it felt to me like Mistress wasn’t playing a role to suit my whims. It felt like she really wanted to put me in my place.

I don’t think she’s really had a hold on me like that before but I wonder if it was a passing moment, a collection of circumstances when everything fell into place, or if it’s a state of mind for us both to carry forward. I suppose only time will tell.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Domestic Discipline Liebster Awards

Modified logo from ADDS blog!

I was looking at A Dometics Discipline Society blog (ADDS) and saw that they had participated in the Liebster Award.

Like Mr BB Spanker who runs ADDS (,  I’d no idea what it all meant so I looked it and found this form a blog called We Loved Here:

“The Liebster award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.  What is a Liebster?  The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.
Here are the rules for receiving this award:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs!”

But I liked Mr BBSpanks’ take on it  - he followed Bonnie’ idea on My Bottom Smarts  - so I answered the questions.

But then I realised I had to come up with 11 questions too and struggled to keep them to a DD format. But her goes anyway.

If anyone else is up for answering my questions, be my guest…..

11 things about me.
1) I'm overweight, but trying desperately through regular gym work to lose weight.
2) I’m hopeless at dieting!
3) I enjoy researching corporal punishment history. It’s a subject that’s always fascinated me
4) I believe that everyone is equal – except me when it comes to my relationship with Mistress. I know my place!
5) I love motorsports of all kinds
6) I love going shopping with Mistress - especailly to buy her new boots.
7) I once took my blog down in a fit of anger because someone criticized me. Then I realised how much the interaction meant to me and started it again!
8) I love cooking
9) I’m a terrible dresser but have a penchant for rainwear (rubber and pvc)
10) I don’t drink alcohol and have never smoked.
11) I’m a workaholic but need to spend more time with Mistress

The answers to Mr BBSpanks questions
1) When did you first hear about Domestic Discipline?
As far as I remember it was about six years ago. It was two years into my relationship with Mistress. We had played CP games from early in our relationship – to serve my fantasies - and I discovered the term while surfing the net.
2) What drew you toward finding out more about Domestic Discipline?
One of the contributing factors in the break up of my marriage was my laziness in the house. I did very little which, not surprisingly, irked my former wife. Also I paid too little attention to her. I can see that now – but it never occurred to me at the time. There were however faults on both sides that contributed to the break-up but they were two of the worst on my side. In my new relationship with Mistress I felt it important that those two faults didn’t resurface. Plus, Mistress enjoys the attention I give her and has an authoritarian streak (though it didn’t surface until we had been dating for a while). So with my past in mind, and our increasing interest is using discipline in the home to correct my faults, we decided to try a DD regime.
3) Is Domestic Discipline a lifestyle choice for you?
Most certainly. Most importantly, it has brought us so much closer. It has also given us real structure. And the disciplinary methods ensure we have no tension in our house.
4) Have you heard of Domestic Discipline outside of anything to do with a blog/forum?
Unfortunately no. I’d love to meet some other couple who have a DD lifestyle. The only contact we have is via our blog.
4a) If so, where else do you find information about Domestic Discipline?
5) Do you feel that Domestic Discipline is only for married couples?
No. We are not married. The most important aspect of DD is that you both love each other dearly and, as such, have total trust and respect for each other.
6) Are single and dating people a part of the DD community too?
Difficult question. I think, as I’ve said in response to question 5, you have to have total trust in one another. Would dating partners have developed that kind of deep bond? I’m not sure. But I don’t see any reason why single or dating people should not contribute their thoughts on DD. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.
7) In your opinion or practice, is Domestic Discipline ONLY for disciplinary reasons?
We have found that DD is a good way of correcting my faults and helping me maintaining my focus on Mistress’ need. Beyond that, it also helps relieve stress in us both and any tension in our relationship. It also ensures there are no lasting arguments or conflicts.
8) When did you feel you understood what a HoH style Dominant and TiH style submissive really was?
Quite early in our DD journey. The problem is always that ‘real life’ impinges on our DD lifestyle – outside influences make it sometimes difficult to follow the DD lifestyle 24/7. We’ve both discussed this deeply and both of acknowledge our lives would be very different is, say we were able to retire and focus on just us. Mistress has said she would be much stricter with the house rules. I know I would be much more malleable to her requirements.
9) What is TiH List, HoH Rules, SitDD, PoD, Tolerance LaDDer? 
When we first started we tried to work to a set of rules (TiH List and HoH Rules) and updated them as we developed. We looked at others and adapted them out our needs. Now we have no written rules but we both are in tune with how we want our DD regime to work. We discuss my faults before our weekly maintenance punishment session and we often chat about how things are progressing and what tweaks might be needed (SitDD). I’m not familiar with the terms PoD or Tolerance LaDDer.
10) What are the differences or similarities between Christian Domestic Discipline & Domestic Discipline?
I don’t know. We follow a regime of Domestic Discipline.
11) (in your own words) What IS Domestic Discipline?
Domestic Discipline offers a consensual and respectful way of maintaining a balance in a loving relationship. Consensual is the watchword here – both parties have to really want to live this lifestyle because it is quite demanding. But those demands reap huge rewards.  DD means that one partner is the Head of the Household while the other is the submissive and both parties agree to a set of rules to live by and it is agreed that the HoH will correct any of the submissive’s faults by the use of corporal punishment. And it is also agreed that the HoH. The important factor is any DD relationship is that all matters are dealt with in a consistent manner under the terms of an agreement both parties have signed up to at the outset.

Now here’s my questions – also DD related
1 What attracted you to a Domestic Discipline lifestyle?
2 Who introduced the DD lifestyle into your relationship – and why?
3 How did you decide on the rules to live by in your DD relationship?
5 How quickly did you adapt to your respective roles?
6 How did you decide on what corrective measures to employ?
7 What are the benefits of a DD relationship?
8 Why does DD work for you?
8 Do you believe in a maintenance punishment regime?
9 If so, how does it work in your relationship? If not, why would you be opposed to it?
10 Cane or paddle. Discuss
11 What is the single most important thing to remember when living in a DD relationship?

Monday, 19 November 2012

Maintenance punishment as a deterrent

After yesterday’s blog post, Downlow commented: “I understand everything you said, but what I don't understand is the weekly maintenance thrashing. It seems that your good behavior can not keep you from getting thrashed. If you are going to get thrashed whether you are good or bad, then how is it a deterrent?”

It’s a good question Downlow and probably not easy to understand if you are not in a DD relationship like ours. Instead of quick answer I tried to collect my thoughts in more detail to answer the question.

Firstly, when we began this journey, we found that Mistress – who was totally new to the concept of adult CP let alone DD -  was never quite sure how to handle certain situations that required correction. I was not an easy submissive to deal with, in that, even though I was the one who initial drove this regime, I’d try to squirm out of punishment – at times when I knew I had done wrong and needed the discipline. That put Mistress in a difficult position of trying to enforce our rules against my will. Effectively I was undermining her authority from the outset.

We had adopted quite a strict code to live by, which meant that my faults were many – some not so serious, while others were very serious but in our ‘normal lifestyle we’re both very busy people and it was always difficult to correct my faults on the spot. Trying to tot them up for a weekly correction session proved impossible.

Allied to this, Mistress knew about my interest in CP virtually since we got together and quickly identified a ‘need’ within me to be punished. She noticed how my moods changed from being very loving, respectful and yes, submissive, for several days after punishment. But also how that changed as time progressed from the punishment session.

It was only when we discussed this in detail that I realized the periods of tension I caused in the house tied in with me not being so attentive – and with the times when I started to feel the ‘need’ to receive the cane again.

I wasn’t consciously ‘bratting’ but my actions were akin to it (playing up to initiate a caning!). I had never tied these actions together and simply thought that my urge for the cane was simply due to subliminal triggers – such as helping Mistress out of her knee boots (she insists I pull her boots off when she comes home) or Mistress giving me her orders etc.

So to overcome our issues of not being able to punish when required, and the tension the lack of regular CP was causing, we decided to adopt a method of routine maintenance punishment. And the reason we’ve decided that it would be quite severe is that it takes into account any faults I’ve had in the previous week – plus, as I’ve said before, any adult corporal punishment for real faults has to be painful otherwise it has no effect.

We don’t keep note of my faults, though we tried for a while,  but before punishment Mistress reminds me of any major issues before she canes me – or asks me to relate to her why I need the cane. The important thing to understand, is that no matter how hard I try, I have faults, and being totally honest, I don’t see that changing.

What was it the Disciplinary Wives Club survey aid about all men being little boys at heart I need of a good spanking?

Our maintenance punishments act as a deterrent is, because they are quite severe punihsments (by our standards of course – to some it’s a fleabite, to others it’s a serious whipping) so it’s something that’s always on my mind.

However, when I do step out of line, Mistress doesn’t miss an opportunity to remind that Thursday is not far away.

If  there is anything that really annoys her during the week, she does have the option to punish me on the spot. Just this morning I earned a swift dozen strokes with a thick kooboo cane, laying face down on the bed.

When we awoke, Mistress reminded me of my back talk just before we went to bed. I was way out of line but it was too late to punish me there and then, but Mistress wasn’t about to let me off the hook and instead caned me this morning before we had got out of bed!

To be honest, I was glad she did. I was totally out of line and my rudeness was unnecessary, unacceptable, never mind very disrespectful. If she hadn’t decided to cane me, I’d have probably asked her to because I felt so bad about the situation.

In truth, I don’t think the matter has been fully dealt with and I suspect I might pay extra during Thursday’s maintenance. And I would gladly accept what ever is coming.

To sum up, our maintenance punishment sessions serve as a reminder that I should remember my place and be respectful at all time.

As a minimum 36 strokes, it’s a challenge to take, but in the back of my mind I’m only too aware that Mistress has the sanction to deal with me with far more severity if she sees fit. I think that fact alone means that a routine maintenance punishment has great value as a deterrent.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Why domestic discipline works for us

In my last post I wrote about our latest maintenance punishment.

It was a harsh, methodical 36-stroke caning, delivered at a set tempo, with me just being able to count each stroke and thank Mistress before the next one.

Sub Teddy commented: “Ouch. You really conveyed the sense of pain in this post. I can't imagine having to suffer this, or I can imagine it now but I don't see how I would be able to take it.”

I thought about that, and why we adopted domestic discipline into our lifestyle, and why we use the cane. And, as Ted Subby suggested, I thought about why I would want to suffer.

The first thing is that I have always been excited by corporal punishment and always felt a deep need to experience it. That didn’t happen till I was in my 40s and I enjoyed the experience. And I still feel that need – even though I’m now caned frequently.

The one thing that’s always struck me about CP is that it’s got to hurt to have any effect – even when we were playing games I wanted to be pushed a little beyond my limits.

Early in my relationship with Mistress, some seven years ago, we played CP games but over the years it’s developed to the point that we now only use CP as a means of punishment.

For any punishment to be effective it has to have the effect of acting as a deterrent – it has to be something you don’t actually enjoy.

Being taken to ‘a little beyond my limits’ was quite sexually exciting and certainly no deterrent, so Mistress and I discussed a way of using CP as an effective means of correction – for the real faults that I have.

Some of my real faults that could, if not nipped in the bud, could ultimately affect our relationship; showing a lack of respect, arguing, forgetting one’s place. You could argue we could overcome these faults by discussing them as many couples do (and a lot don’t!), but it’s never that simple, especially if the one with faults goes into a sulk – and refuses to talk anyway.

So rather than long drawn out sulks on my part, we agreed that a short sharp corrective shock would be a far more effective method of maintaining the good nature and balance of the relationship.

The other thing is that we both felt it would give Mistress confidence and authority, something she needed coming of a previous miserable relationship that had left her low on self esteem.

We discussed ways of how we could introduce a Domestic Discipline regime, using effective corporal punishment, even though it was something that up to that point we had used as part of a ritual to derive pleasure.

We decided to increase the severity to way beyond anything that would give me any kind of  pleasure. We opted to use the severest cane we have, ensure that it was always used full force and, the number of strokes would go way beyond what we knew were limits I previously derived pleasure from.

We also established a weekly maintenance session because we knew that in the past it was too easy for one of us, ‘not to be in the mood,’ and that under our new regime we had to have a strict code in order for everything to be an effective deterrent.

If I’m honest, I have driven a lot of this in the past but recently Mistress has become the one in control. She decided when to cane and how. We have an agreement that I accept this or the DD regime ends.

You could argue that as a corporal punishment enthusiast, I derive pleasure this stricter lifestyle and I agree to an extent, and I’ll openly admit I still derive pleasure from thinking about corporal punishment, from reading about it, from writing about our experiences. In many ways, I’d like Mistress to be even stricter and I truly believe she would if we spent more time together and didn’t have so many outside influences affecting both us. But, as she has said, maybe the reality of her taken total control and being truly dominant might not be the exciting lifestyle I think it might be.

One thing is certain, these days I try desperately to avoid being caned – and actually dread Thursday’s weekly maintenance.

And that is exactly the effect we thought was necessary to make this work. No child ever looked forward to going to headmaster’s office for the cane. No borstal boy ever derived pleasure receiving the birch. No prisoner ever enjoyed being whipped. Corporal punishment, used correctly, has always been a deterrent – something to be feared.

In many ways I think we’ve already achieved that.

I won’t deny it’s been a roller-coaster ride to maintaining this regime but we are still going and I’d say our relationship is blossoming on all fronts thanks in part to our DD lifestyle.

I was interested to try and understand more why this regime is so important to us, why it is necessary. I started reading an old 2007 Disciplinary Wives Club survey online and, out of the 150 women who responded to the survey, 90 of them who disciplined their partners said that ‘men always have a little boy inside them who benefits a good spanking.’  That’s more than half of the respondents and I’d say is a pretty good assessment of the male psyche. Does anyone agree?

77 said that they enjoyed the power they had over their men, 70 said ‘he is more pleasant and relaxed after a spanking,’ and 61 said it ‘created a very special bond between us.’ Only 32 did it for sex play. In other words, four fifths of those women interviewed were pretty serious about using CP in the home as a corrective measure, rather than play. And 100 of them said that they were confident and expected to be obeyed once they had ordered their partner for a spanking.

602 men out of some 800 men participants said that being spanked was all about enjoying the power exchange, but 423 said it was about feeling a need to be punished.

One respondent said: “It hurts and is not erotic except in the fantasy side, or leading up to it – but it does create a need and a desire to be there, and afterward a firm reminder about behaviour.”

So to get to Ted Subby’s comment that he couldn’t imagine suffering like I do. It’s not nice at the time. It hurts like hell, and there have been times I’ve begged for a caning session to stop.  Since Mistress has perfected her application of the rod, each session turns me into a wimpish wreck and brings tears to my eyes.

But it’s a very important part of our relationship.

Ted says he can’t imagine how he’d be able to take it. Badly, if he’s like me. I’m fastened to a bench to take my caning otherwise I’d be up and refusing to take any more after the first half dozen.

So why do I subject myself to this, knowing I might be reduced to tears, knowing my bottom is going to have a patch of deep purple stripes at the end of the session? After all, I was the one driving this from the outset. Because, just as we hoped, it works as a corrective measure, it cleanses, and relieves any tension between us. It helps keep me on track and Mistress enjoys a special kind of authority over me. And like the DWC survey suggests, I think that the naughty boy inside me does need regular discipline.
To enter into this lifestyle takes a huge amount of trust and respect on both sides, a really strong bond between the two of you – but we both think that bond is even stronger now.

And when I start to stray, I think of the cane and have to take a long-hard assessment of whether spending too much money or not bothering to clean the loo or not having dinner ready on time is worth the pain I’ll ultimately suffer.

That doesn’t mean I’m some kind of doormat – far from it – we still lead very normal lives, but the DD regime just keeps both of us on our toes – me especially - and adds a very special element to our relationship.

Friday, 16 November 2012

New-style maintenance caning

I lay bent over the bench after the thrashing had ended. My stinging, burning bottom felt swollen. I was breathing heavily and still shaking involuntarily.

As I gradually composed myself I remembered that oft used submissive’s cliché, ‘be careful what you wish for.’

Maintenance punishment last night was the first caning under our new regime of 36 strokes delivered at a set tempo with no break. No more batches of 12 and few seconds to regain some kind of self-control. No more six or 12 strokes delivered rapid fire that used to help get things over faster.

Mistress delivered the 36 strokes methodically at a set tempo – with barely enough time between strokes for me to count, ‘One, thank you Mistress,’ She stopped only once for a brief second, she later told me, to check how low, the low stroke she applied to the tops of my thighs actually was.

When you’re caned in 12s you long for that break. When it’s 36 in one go, you just have to hang on the best you can. I didn’t do well.

Several times Mistress told me to be quiet. But it didn’t stop her lashing the cane down again. I can remember thinking after number 13, ‘she’s not stopping for the normal break after 12.’

At 18 I thought, ‘oh, my god, we’re only half way.’

But it wasn’t until the last stroke that I realised Mistress had only been caning me at probably 80% of here true venom. How did I know? The last one really was full force and took my breath. And then I got two extras I earned for snatching my left hand away when Mistress had been fastening me to the bench.

The last two were equally full force.

As I composed myself over that bench, I could only wonder what state I’d be in if Mistress used that same force for all 36.

We followed the same post-punishment practice of parading my whipped bottom in front of Mistress for her to admire the total accuracy of her handiwork.

“Lovely parallel lines,” she said with pleasure and then waved me away to my chores in the kitchen.
So this is how Thursday nights were going to be again, I told myself. I pulled up my plastic pants, slipped my pvc housecoat on and went to do the dishes. Better get used to it. But then does one ever get used to a 36-stroke caning?

Maybe some of you do (get used to a set level – of not 36 strokes). I’d be interested to know. But I haven’t so far. It’s always seems to tip me over the edge, which I suppose is how punishment is meant to work.

I get a strange kind of subservient feeling after punishment, a real sense of satisfaction from doing my chores that  I don’t get every other night, which I suppose show that our system has some benefit.  

Sbr rainwear in public

I got a bit of a shock when I was driving through a town in the south of England yesterday. I saw a rather attractive lady wearing an sbr swing coat (see photo for similar style).

It’s not often you seen any one these days in shiny pvc rainwear, let alone sbr.

The bigger shock was that it was a really pleasant day. There was barely a cloud in the sky, it was unseasonably warm for an autumn morning yet this lady dressed in a stunning sbr raincoat. A dedicated follower of fetish fashion one can only hope!

The last time I saw anyone in public wearing sbr rainwear was some 20 years ago when I spotted a lady in an sbr trenchcoat, jodhpurs and riding boots, opening a gate to a field with what I assumed was her horse grazing in it.

Sbr rainwear might not enjoy fashion status these days, but when an enthusiast catches a glimpse of someone suitable attired, it’s a memorable moment.

SBR swingcoat from Weathervain 

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Sporadic but improving DD

 We’re just getting back up to speed with our DD but it’s been a sporadic yet quite effective and sometimes harsh few weeks.

Maintenance is back as part of our regime so that should mean 36 strokes of the cane every Thursday - but it’s been a case of fitting it in wherever we can between our work schedules and we’ve actually missed entire weeks. So that’s not entirely satisfactory.

What has been satisfactory – for Mistress – is her caning technique.

She’s really proud that she’s developed a new wristy action which leaves me writhing around after each stroke.

After one caning, when I was particularly vocal, Mistress told me several times to stop being a wimp, and that she was being gentle with me.

When I’d had my full 36 and had a chance to check my stripes in the mirror, it was no surprise to see a mass of deep purplish, black weals decorating my bottom cheeks.

Over a cup of tea afterwards we discussed Mistresses claims versus my feelings and we both realised that while Mistress wasn’t applying a full-blooded swing of the cane anymore, her wrist action was proving far more effective. Less effort but superb technique was having an impressively positive effective on poor me!

Mistress has also reacquainted me with Loopy Johnny. It wasn’t exactly Boot Camp but I lost count of the times I got whacked with that little whip (three thin loops of rubber connected to a short wooden handle) as Mistress seemed to pick up on every little fault – no matter where we were during the day. As soon as I got back to the hotel, out came the whip.

The advantage of a Loopy Johnny is that it makes very little noise but stings like hell – and Mistress seemed to find a new found strength in applying it. Keeping the noise down howling from my lips was a big issue!

This past weekend has been interesting too. Mistress was in a mood to punish and gave me my overdue 36-stroke maintenance caning on Saturday.

But I remained under threat of punishment all weekend and I wasn’t at all surprised when she sent me to fetch the cane for another 36 strokes when we came back from our afternoon stroll on Sunday. I was actually punished for refusing – early Sunday morning - to hang a couple of new ornaments in the conservatory. I know, I never learn.

In my defence the ornaments are very heavy and I don’t think the thin walls will take the weight. Mistress said it was simply my attitude and the point blank refusal which upset her more than anything.
Mistress was surprised when I handed her the crook-handled school cane for my punishment today.

Under the rules we recently discussed regarding our DD regime, the thin Dragon is to be solely used for the 36-stroke maintenance punishment. The implement used for any other disciplinary issues is meant to be at the discretion of Mistress – not me. But as Mistress sent me to fetch a cane, I chose the next more venomous, the Senior School Cane.

I think Mistress was determined to ensure that it was as effective as the thin Dragon and every stroke after the initial six had me whimpering.

It didn’t end there either. Later on when Mistress was watching the TV, and I was plying her with cups of tea, I was told to fetch the paddle and got several sets of six while the advert brakes were on. The reason? Having to be asked to get her tea. Walking away while she was talking. Turning the TV over without permission.

Last night in bed we talked over how we both felt things were progressing. We looked back over the notes I had made recently about how I thought our DD could be improved upon and discussed maintenance punishment.

Mistress has adopted a hap-hazard system of some fast, some slow but – after reading the notes - says in future she’s going to give me 36 at a steady pace with no stopping for me to recompose myself.
That will be horrendous. At least at present I know I’ll get a breather after each 12, sometimes each six – depending on her mood. No breaks at all is worrying.

She also says she intends to assert more authority on me and is going to start picking up on anything that annoys her.

She explained why. When we were out shopping on Saturday she tried on a new hat and looked fabulous but then wasn’t quite sure of whether or not to buy it. I stepped forward with the money and paid for the hat there and then. I got that look from Mistress and walking away she said she was annoyed that I’d done that.

I thought she’d be happy with the new hat but I’d misread the whole situation. I think that’s why she was eager to cane me on Saturday evening – though it wasn’t mentioned as being a reason.
But last night in bed, she pointed out that she had been undecided about the hat and it should, quite rightly, be her decision to purchase – even if I was paying. She said I had embarrassed her and if it ever happened again, she’d turn the tables on me in public by putting me in my place in front of the shop assistant.

Of course, I apologised for my over-zealous efforts.

“If it happens again you will regret it,” Mistress warned. It’s always those little one-line comments that make the stomach turn. I’m sure she felt my heart racing as we cuddled up in bed.

Regaining my composure, I asked Mistress if she was happy we had restarted our DD lifestyle and she replied: “I would be if you did what you were told more often.”

I pointed out that Mistress had the power to correct me at any time.

She replied with a “hmmph!”

I asked if she will enjoy exerting even more authority over me. “I will, but my fear is that your wouldn’t like me if I really became the Mistress that your fantasise about. You don’t like being told what to do at the best of times and only do so in our relationship when it suits you. I don’t think your could cope with me being really strict with you. It’s what you need, but I think the only response I’ll get is a negative one from you.”

I explained I would try harder to be a more compliant submissive.

“You’ll have to,” she said, and rolled over and went to sleep.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Our DD regime resumes with harsh caning

“I’ll be home in 45minutes. Make sure you are dressed appropriately and everything is ready for when I come in.”

I tried to argue the case that I was actually working but Mistress greeted my comments with silence on the other end of the phone. I rambled on, feeling more and more uneasy, realising I was wasting my time.

Then she said: “I’ve told you what I expect when I get home.”

“Yes Mistress.”

It was a Wednesday but I assumed this was going to be the maintenance session for Thursday because Mistress knew both of us had other commitments that night.

My heart was pounding and I had a discernable nervous shake in my hands as I got changed into my plastic punishment pants and black pvc housecoat. Then I placed the bench in the living room with the thin Dragon cane next to it. I wondered how I’d cope being thrashed again for the first time in many months. It was a challenge before to take 36 from that horrible thin rod. After many weeks of no discipline I was worried.

When Mistress arrived home there was none of her usual hugs or kisses, just a derisory look as she walked straight past me, through to the kitchen – holding out her bags for me to grab as she waltzed by.

“Washing up not done. Laundry still in the washing machine. Nothing put away. Explain to me how this so called servitude actually works! You really need sorting out – don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

I was ushered into the living room and watched Mistress pick up the cane, give it a little flex between her fingers. It was an implement she had not used in some time. Our eyes met. She kept the stern demeanour and pointed to the bench with her cane.

She fastened me to the bench – actually a small decorating ladder - and wasted no time in whacking me. She might not have used the cane in some time but I realised immediately she had lost none of her skill in laying it on with accuracy and ferocity. Nothing prepares you for a cold caning does it?

The first stroke was a shock but the second stroke took my breath. By six I was making such a fuss that Mistress sat down in the leather chair facing me, cane still in hand, tapping it on the toe of here black leather boot.

“So, do we stop now?”

I was shocked how I was behaving, so I could imagine how Mistress felt.

“I’m sorry Mistress, I don’t think I can take it anymore.”

“That’s nonsense. You’ve only had six. We’ve got 30 to go yet.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No Mistress.”

She got up and started again. The first stroke was probably the most amazingly cruel cane stroke I’ve ever felt. It was so hard and seemed to land so squarely that the sting went fully across both buttocks and felt like I’d been cut in half, horizontally.

For a brief moment I felt a buzz of sexual pleasure – unusual for me when I’m being punished – and a feeling of wanting more like that. But it was only a split-second before five more followed in quick succession to leave me howling.

Our bench is not ideal. Because it’s a ladder that opens out, I can, at will stand up, pulling the ladder shut. In my writhings, that’s what I did and I stood, wimpering.

Mistress stopped again. “You are being such a pathetic wimp. You’ve only had 12 and not even hard. Do you want me to stop? I will if that’s what you really want. But you know the consequences.”

The consequences were that there would never be any corporal punishment again. I’ve been warned over and over. But this is a bottom that's taken over 100 strokes of Mistress's cane in the past. As I bent back across the bench I tried to contemplate if that’s what I wanted. Did I want to suffer like this every Thursday night in future? And maybe more. Did I want to be at Mistress beck and call?
I answered myself by answering Mistress.

“No Mistress. Please continue.

I don’t know why I said that. I think it’s because deep down, I knew if we stopped there that might well be the last time and I couldn’t be sure at that precise moment if that’s what I wanted. But, on the other hand, apart from that split second hint of pleasure, this was hell. At least I’d had some time to regain my composure.

Mistress gave me the outstanding 24 with no more breaks. I writhed, moaned, whimpered and begged but got through it.

As Mistress released me from the bench she said: “I’m not impressed with your behaviour. I would think the entire street could hear you. I think you are clearly going to need some real training. I’ve not even caned you full force.”

Mistress slumped back into the leather armchair again and I got on my knees to kiss her feet.
“What do you say?”

“Thank you for punishing me Mistress.”

“I should not need to prompt you. You really are going to need re-training.”

“Yes Mistress.”

After each punishment, Mistress likes to inspect her handiwork.

“Let me see your bottom.”

I stood facing the wall and slipped my plastic pants back down.

“Lovely. Every stripe absolutely perfect,” she said with some degree of relish. “Go and look for yourself.”

Gingerly I trudged upstairs and looked in the mirror. My bottom was a mass of dark purple stripes with a red tinge background. No wonder the intense burning sensation.

I went back downstairs.


“Mistress, I’m quite heavily marked for caning that wasn’t full force.”

“You’re not questioning me are you?”

“No Mistress, but…..”

“Some of the strokes were quite hard but a lot weren’t. You really are going to have to toughen up because I can see that I’m going to have punish you more regularly to get you back in training and not going to put up with that kind of fuss again. And I’m not going to be lenient again. You said you wanted full force. That’s what you’ll be getting. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Cup of tea.”

I was waved away and did as commanded. I placed the cup on the table beside her and she allowed me to sit on the couch next to her.

With punishment official over we returned to some kind of normality – except I was still sat in my plastic pants and shiny black housecoat. Mistress asked if I enjoyed being caned again.

I had to admit that while I didn’t enjoy the caning itself, I did enjoy the feeling that Mistress was exerting her authority on our relationship again.

Mistress smiled and then settled back to watch the TV while my mind was all over the place, thinking about what just happened but wondering what lay in the future for this very on-off-on FLR.

Later, in bed we talked more. Mistress pointed out that as I’d behaved so badly tonight there would be no pleasure for me – and wouldn’t until such time she thought my re-training was at a point where I actually deserved any.

I asked her if she enjoyed caning me. “Not really. I liked how accurately I caned you. But you made too much of a fuss. I think we’re going to have to gag you next time to see if that improves the situation because I don’t want all that noise when I start caning you full force. And we need to fix that bench so you can’t move about so much. I’m not having that to deal with again each time I thrash you.”

The mere thought made me squirm. So then I asked: “do you enjoy being in charge again Mistress?”
“I would if you were more compliant. If I had more time with you at home I think the whole dynamic would change quite considerably. I would be able to make sure you were better behaved. I would enjoy having a well-behaved servant who knows his place. At the moment you are just playing at it when it suits you. This either has to be 24/7 or it doesn’t work for me.”

My heart skipped. Mistress knows my job is going to allow me to spend more time at home in future.
“Do you think that we can make work,” I asked shakily.

“I think I can. It’s too easy for you to squirm out of you chores and punishments at the moment. You won’t be able to do that if you are here all the time.”

The one thing Mistress and I both agreed is how the evening’s punishment helped us connect again. Neither of us could really articulate our feelings but we both agreed it gave us a much deeper bond, endorsed by the closeness of our pillow talk and hugs.

Despite my suffering and Mistress being annoyed by my pathetic behaviour we both agreed it was a much needed stress relief. Mistress said: “Do you feel more relaxed after your caning?” I had to admit I did but regretted my inability to take the beating with good grace.

Mistress agreed she too felt different. “I think it did us both good,” she said. “And it would have been even more rewarding  if you hadn’t been such a wimp. But it’s given us something to work on, hasn’t it”?

“Yes Mistress.”

“What do you say?”

“Thank you for punishing me Mistress.”

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

First paddling whacks back to DD

Mistress applied the first whacks of the opaddle to my bottom in what she insists is our journey back to a full DD lifestyle this morning.

We were lying in bed, just thinking about getting up when the conversation came around to the reintroduction of our regime. I made some of the cuff remark about it being unlikely to happen in this Millennium when Mistress sat up and said, “Fetch the paddle.”

I didn’t move immediately but when she barked a ‘Now!’ I realised she wasn’t joking and I fairly shot out of bed and went to the cupboard where we keep all out equipment and clothing.

I provided the dreaded bath brush and leather spoon-shaped paddle for my correction and laid face down on the bed.

Mistress playfully tapped my bare bottom and then applied some hefty blows, which felt pretty much full force with the familiar pain of the bath brush and it wasn’t long before I was squirming around.

“You’re being a bit of a wimp. I’ve barely started,” she said, changing from the bath brush to the leather paddle. "You are obviously out of practice. I think you're gonig to need a fair bit of training to get you back to where we were."

Where we were was 30 strokes of the Dragon cane every Thursday for maintenance and any other punishments Mistress saw fit during the week. Going back to 'where we were' is a dauting prospect for me. But one I will accpet as graciously as I can.

I’ve no idea how many swats I got, maybe 30 in total – enough to remind me that corporal punishment hurts.

Mistress threw the paddle down and said, “Did you enjoy that?”

Enjoy wasn’t the word in my head. “Yes Mistress,” I said, when I was confronted with ‘the look’ that suggested I had better err on the side of caution.

“What do you say then?”

“Thank you for punishing me Mistress.”

“I should think so.”

I asked Mistress if she enjoyed it to. “Not really, I wasn’t sure if the neighbours were up yet so I thought I had better not make too much noise at this time of the morning. But I thought I’d give you a taste of what it to come. I do intend to make you bottom very sore. It’s been far too long and I’ve become fed up with you persistently being a naughty boy. You have been a naughty boy haven’t you?”

“Yes Mistress. Sorry Mistress.”

It was still only just 7.00am. An altogether interesting way to start the day.

Monday, 8 October 2012

The practicalities of wearing a rubber raincoat

I have a love for my Weathervain SBR mackintosh. Of all the rainwear in my wardrobe, my favourite is my shiny black rubber shortie that I had custom-made by the London-based shop a while back.

Single-breasted and cut just above the knee it has a modern look to it and is the only item of rainwear from my wardrobe that I ever wear in public – but not often enough.

I used to have a big hang-up about wearing it in public but I’m getting over that now and really enjoy wandering around the streets and even go shopping with it on.

When I aired my hang-ups in this very blog a while back several rainwear enthusiasts contacted me – some to agree, but some to say just get on a wear it, no one notices. By and large it’s true, no one pays any attention. I stood waiting at the till in a crowded M&S this week, people watching and didn’t spot anyone watching me!

This past week it’s had a fair bit of use but the heavy rain showed up some real shortcomings in my favourite mackintosh.

Tightly buttoned and collar up in the elements, I noticed how slimy it feels with the upturned, soaking wet collar against my cheeks. Secondly, the rain runs straight off the shiny rubber collar and down my neck. And if I’m walking hands in pockets it runs down the sleeve into my pockets. And worse still, the water runs off the bottom of the mackintosh, straight onto my legs so everything from just above the knee down, gets soaked.

It’s my fault. I wanted a fashionable-looking rubber mackintosh that I could wear in public and wouldn’t draw too much attention. But now I wished I’d gone for the full-length rubber trenchcoat.

I think my shortie mackintosh will be resigned for grey days when it looks like rain but I might well splash out (please forgive that pun) on a new longer one from Weathervain.

I love their workmanship of my shortie so I’m going to save my pennies and see if I can get something a little bit custom-made the combines the wide double breasted look of their fabulous Hussar coat but incorporate the cowl, epaulettes and sleeve tabs of the traditional trench. That way, I don’t have to have those shoulder gun patches which I’m not a fan of anyway.

Length is important for it to be suitable for heavy rain, but I don’t want the full ankle-length style of the Hussar so I’m going to get it cut just below my knee.

The other thing I’m contemplating is whether or not to incorporate a hood. The one thing I don’t like about Weathervain mackintoshes as that their hoods are all big and floppy. If Weathervain could come up with something a little more, dare I say it, stylish, then a hood would be a sensible additions, which Weathervain offer as an option. However, the best option for me would be a snap on/off hood - but I’m not sure it’s something Weathervain do.

The final thing about wearing a rubber mackintosh is the commitment. Okay it’s a labour of love but after reading all the do’s and don’ts of rubber raincoats, I’m paranoid about too much sweat around the collar, sweaty finger prints on the rubber surface, how the mackintosh is hung. So after each time out, I rub the collar with a damp cloth, dry it then apply silicon polish all over the mackintosh and buff it. I’ve got a real quality hanger for it, but only the other day I read that this pulls the shoulders out of shape and rubber raincoats should be folded loosely.

My goodness, did people really treat their mackintoshes with such reverence back in the day?