Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve caning

As Mistress and I cuddled up in bed last Thursday evening, I felt it only my duty to say something.
‘Mistress, we’ve…we’ve overlooked the maintenance punishment this evening.’

Mistress gave me one of her looks. ‘I’ve overlooked nothing. You will have your maintenance punishment when I decide. I realised we would be too busy tonight so we’ll deal with it another evening. I think Saturday evening will be perfect. We’ll have plenty of time then, won’t we?’

Christmas Eve? ‘Yes Mistress. Of course.’

I hadn’t been looking forward to Thursday at all. My bottom was still quite sore and bruised from the previous punishment and I’d ‘earned’ d the promise of 10 extra on top of the scheduled 36. It was my own fault entirely. I’d been rushing for work on Tuesday morning and was just getting in the car, when Mistress shouted at me that the bin needed to be put out. The ‘oh for goodness sake,’ wasn’t muttered under my breath quietly enough.

Mistress called me into the house and told me in no uncertain manner that my dissent had earned me ten extra strokes at my next punishment session. I think I got off lightly.

So when we went to bed on Friday night, Mistress casually reminded me that I was to be caned on Saturday at 6.00pm – 36 strokes plus the ten. At least I’d had a couple extra days for the bruising to go…..

We had a great Saturday, catching up on a few last minute shopping bits which meant lunch out in one of the better cafés in the town. But the thought of my caning was never far from my mind. We spent ages in one of the quiet corners just idly chatting about nothing in particular, indulging a bit of people watching, when  Mistress snuggled closer and whispered, ‘when we get home I want you to get changed into something suitable for serving Mistress. Then you will prepare the evening meal.

Mistress meant a maid’s outfit we had bought way back when we used to just play some CP games; a very unstylish black overall which reached just below my knees, baggy bloomers which reached just above my knees, mop cap – all in shiny black pvc, edged in white lace - plus some very plain court shoes. It’s an outfit I feel ridiculous wearing, but Mistress knows this and always makes me wear for those prolonged sessions of household chores.

Once home I changed and reported to Mistress who was watching TV in the lounge. She set me to work preparing the meal. Once that was done I reported back to the lounge. And then I went over the bench, Mistress fastened my wrists and then pulled down my bloomers to apply 24 strokes of the cane to my bare bottom. As this was maintenance, Mistress only used the thin Dragon.

I then dished up the meal, ate with Mistress and then washed the dishes.

Job done I was then told to go and finish all the christmas wrapping I had failed to complete during the evening of my previous punishment. I forgot the wrapping paper for the children’s presents and Mistress, without me realsing, kindly brought it upstairs to the spare room where I was working.

I’d decided to wrap Mistresses presents first so when I heard her coming upstairs and I shouted at her to not come in the room. I greeted her at the door and snatched the paper from her. I got a very icey stare and Mistress went back down stairs.

Seconds later I heard, ‘You had better come down here – this instant.’

I knew what to expect. But the image before made my tummy churn. Mistress was stood in the middle of the room flexing the cane. ‘How dare you raise your voice to me,’ she said in a calm but very stern voice and, using the flimsy cane as a pointer, added, ‘get over the bench.’

I got 12 strokes, rapid strokes and Mistress wasn’t sparing me. The strokes came so fast I never had time to count them. I was gasping air and it was only once the twelfth one had struck that I let out a long, agonised grunt.

‘Stand up. What do you have to say for yourself?’

I thanked Mistress from the correction and apologised profusely. Mistress said, ‘I should think so,’ and waved me away.

Once I’d wrapped all the presents I reported back to the lounge and stood to attention. Mistress asked me what I was going to do now and I stupidly pointed out there was still 12 maintenance strokes and 10 extras to come.

‘You’re not topping from the bottom here are you? I will decide when you are punished. Now go and tidy the kitchen ready for tomorrow. I will come and inspect it when you are finished.’

I worked diligently, putting everything in it’s place, polishing work surfaces, washing the floor. No matter how much I enjoy the fantasy of being caned, the reality of any more than the 22 I had coming just did not appeal so I wanted to give no excuses for any more extras.

Thankfully my labours earned me no more but I still took the 22 I had owing. Mistress decided to apply them while I was lying face down on the bed. I swear the downward swing of the cane gave her much more ferocity. With no restrains to help me, I was grasping the bedsheets with all my strength to try and maintain position.

After punishment, Mistress allowed me to watch TV with her but then sent me to complete this blog update. We’re visiting friends and family during next week but Mistress has just told me my next maintenance punishment will not take place on Thursday but will be postponed to New Year’s Eve. You can sure I’ll be on my best behaviour so I don’t incur any extras in future.

In closing, I’d just like to thank everyone who takes time to read this blog. I thank you for your interest and support. And I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.


  1. Hi
    It sounds as though you got what you deserved.
    Merry Christmas
    Michael M

  2. Wow, that was a much harsher Christmas caning than mine! I'm crossing my fingers that you don't earn yourself any extras until New Year's Eve. A happy holiday season to you and your Mistress!

  3. Love the detail you place in your posts. It almost felt like I was there taking the cane strokes along with you, but I am glad I wasn't!

    So glad you holiday seems to be going well and your Lady seems to have completely taken back her Head of Household status.

    Looking forward to a description of New Year's eve.

    Happy New Year


  4. Michael M: I certainly did. And guess what I got for Christmas too?

    Kealah: From what I've seen of your canings Kealah, Ludwig more than makes you suffer. I'm not sure I'd be so brave taking his cane strokes....

    Ken: Thanks for your kind words. Mistress certainly has resumed her postion as HOH as my bottom will testify! New Year's Eve approaches and my tumming is aready churning becasue I know I have issues to answer for.

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