Sunday, 18 September 2011

Punishment week

It’s been a busy week for disciplinary procedures in our house.

I had my regular maintenance punishment on Monday evening (postponed from the previous Thursday due to work commitments.

That evening we began a detail examination of our entire FLR procedures.

On Friday night I had this week’s maintenance session (delayed again by work) – but Mistress curtailed it after 24 strokes because my bottom was grazed and starting to ooze blood.

It was actually meant to be 48 strokes, the regular 36 plus 12 for answering back while in the kitchen preparing tea.

Mistress told me the remaining 24 would be delivered Saturday but we ended up being out all day so I thought I’d escaped – at least until Sunday.

I was very tired so unusually I went to be a few minutes before Mistress came up – but when she came into the bedroom, I failed to acknowledge her presence, which clearly annoyed her.

“You are lying with your back to me,” she said.

“I’m trying to get to sleep Mistress,” I responded, having just been woken from a sleep I was drifting into.
“What are the rules about bedtime?”

“I’m meant to say good night properly Mistress.”

“Well I think you should go and fetch the cane because that’s another rule broken.”

“You can’t use the cane now, the neighbours are bound to hear,” I pleaded.

“Yes, you are right, so we’ll do it in the box room the. Now!”

I jumped out of bend and got the cane from the wardrobe in the box room. Mistress told me to bend over the back of the chair and laid on a volley of strokes but then said, “This isn’t having any effect.”

She was right. The room is tiny. You couldn’t swing a cat, let alone a cane. I heard her fumbling around in the wardrobe.

And with a “this should do the job,” she laid on the dreaded bath brush with some vigour.

When she finished Mistress said, “We’ll deal with the outstanding 24 with the cane tomorrow. But at least now you should be awake again enough to say goodnight properly. Get back to bed.”

All I can say is that I indeed did say goodnight properly and Mistress was satisfied with my efforts.

And now it is Sunday evening. I’ve just experienced the most excruciating 24 strokes of the thin Dragon, the punishment held over from Friday.

Mistress stood before me swishing that awful cane. “And why are we here doing this?”

“It’s 12 left over from my maintenance session, Mistress, plus the 12 for talking back to you.”

I wasn’t spared. In fact I think this was possible the most painful 24 cane strokes I’ve ever suffered. I didn't shed tears but I wimpered at each of the last six.

An incredible white heat burned my bottom as I just bent forward in front of Mistress for her to properly examine her handy work after she had released me from the bench. "I've barely marked you," she said. "But it will do for now."


  1. Hi
    Quite a fulfilling week for you. Not surprised that your Mistress was unhappy with your disrespectful behaviour in bed. The caning sounds to have done the trick - maybe.

  2. Michael M: It was a very deserved caning. As all my punishments are.