Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Our punishment charter

Following on from our discussion this past week (see previous post) we also discussed our punishment regime in quite a lot of detail.

Mistress knows I love the fantasy of corporal punishment. It’s the reason Mistress and I began playing corporal punishment games in the first place. But in many ways I hate the reality of a real punishment caning. I also melt at the fantasy of Mistresses dominance. But I don’t take kindly to that either. But the reality is that I need both. Such is the dichotomy of a submissive male with a CP fantasy.....

Our weekly maintenance system is perfect in that we no longer have to worry about when is the right time to use the cane, but we’ve both been saying things need to be a little stricter regime over the next few months to really take our FLR to another level and mould me into a better submissive to ensure I give Mistress my maxim attention.

We’re at a point where Mistress' corporal punishments are something to be feared and, if I’m honest, the situation now is that I actually am a little scared of what she is capable of when she punishes. The result is having a positive benefit – but only when she maintains her assertiveness.

The problem we found is that it’s difficult to use the cane more than once in any week because of the damage to the flesh. But this week we needed to fit in two maintenance sessions and really, there should have been a really serious thrashing one night as well after I quite wrongly, answered Mistress back.

So we both realised the system needed a rethink and spent the last few days throwing ideas around. But it’s quite amusing when we’re out shopping, in the middle of a crowded café and Mistress says, ‘I think we’re relying too much on that one cane and need to make more use of some of our things, like that bath brush you hate.’

We aim to retain - and the 36 stroke tariff.  But to reduce the damage caused by a cane Mistress will now use the bath brush or leather paddle.

My other faults are now graded four different levels that need correction. But how Mistress grades individual cases is entirely down to her. Today’s serious fault might not seem so bad tomorrow so it’s her call. The bottom line is that Mistress now has total control and our new rules and sanctions are designed to allow her to apply her assertiveness on the relationship and ensure I am respectful at all times and carry out my chores as expected.

Here are how those thoughts have become our revised rules. They may look cumbersome but cover everything that Mistress thinks needs correcting. The basic rule of thumb is that Mistress decides if I need punishing and how she punishes me.

GRADE A - Serious faults
We will now only use the thin Dragon when real punishment is required to correct serious faults. This is by far the most effective instrument we have and our thinking is that it should therefore be used for the most serious offences. Our rule is that it will never be used for less than 36 strokes.

GRADE B - Less serious faults
We have plenty of other canes/instruments to use that will still provide a short, sharp shock.

GRADE C - Regular annoying faults
Mistress is getting more and more annoyed with the silly little things that I do or forget to do: like leaving the toilet seat up, leaving the electric shower turned on all day, leaving lights on in rooms we’re not using. So in future she’ll aims to use the lightweight black tawse on my hands each time I break one of these rules.

GRADE D other annoying faults
We will start to use corner time for minor faults. Like last night on the couch. I had no idea I was annoying Mistress but it would have been only right to be sent to the corner to resolve the issue.


  1. Not wishing to add to your suffering, ok maybe a little, but you could introduce what I like to call double jeopardy. Where by the correction of silly stupid stuff starts with a minor correction, like a minute in corner, or 2 swats/strokes; however, if you repeat that action within that week you get double whatever the last punishment was. That can very quickly escalate with undesirable repetition, and very soon it makes you start thinking conciously about not doing it again. Your Mistress can decide if it resets after a week, two weeks, or however long she wants. The point being 2 swats/strokes starts to become exponential very quickly.

  2. Taken in Hand. Thank you for your concern. I'll pass your suggestion on to Mistress.