Saturday, 3 September 2011

New shiny raincoat

I know I’ve mentioned it before but I’ve always had a clothing fetish, specifically shiny pvc or rubber raincoats – and somehow that clothing fetish fits in with my corporal punishment interests.

I’ve no idea why, but since a very early age I’ve always found seeing women in such clothing incredibly attractive and love wearing rainwear myself.

Our fetish wardrobe features a collection of different coats and jackets in rubber and pvc – plus leggings, boots and some fetish clothing for myself and Mistress – but I have to admit most (thought not all) of the gear is mine!

It’s not the kind of clothing I feel comfortable wearing out in public though – so I have recently bought an SBR (shiny black rubber) mackintosh from Weathervain and a pvc raincoat with DKNY buttons and labels (though I’m not 100% convince it’s a genuine product of theirs) and I do wear one or the other when I’m out shopping with Mistress.

The SBR mac is actually the same cut as one Burberry use for their rubber-backed rainwear – in fact, I believe that Weathervain might even have made Burberry rubber coats atone time. The style is very simple but Mistress likes it as much as I do, though I still feel a bit uneasy wearing a rubber raincoat in public. Ridiculous I know.

So while those are my ‘going out’ macks, it’s not uncommon for me to wear anyone of my other raincoats around the home to do the chores. I wear it like a housecoat for want of a better description, with rubber or pvc pants underneath and either rubber riding boots or patent shoes.

I’m sat here typing my blog, wearing my recent purchase - an ex-military heavy pvc mackintosh – ‘Raincoat, black, shiny, four weather, for the use of.’

It’s a really heavy, stiff, very shiny black fabric, concealed button fastening, neck button to fasten the turned up collar really tight to stop rain dripping down the neck. The cuffs have internal elastic to stop the rain running up inside the sleeve too. There are two deep square pockets.

The cut is really simple, with raglan sleeves and it just hangs off the shoulders – with no belt to tie it in at the waist.

I bought it for £25 on e-bay but it looks brand new, though it’s got an amazingly strong pvc odour where I’d say it’s been stored along with a lot of industrial products.

It’s probably ex-Navy and you could imagine a row of them hung in the mess room on the ship and the sailors would grab one on their way to the deck for their next shift.

Like I say, it’s very stiff fabric, even when warm, so you are constantly aware of it and every movement is rewarded with a creak or a rustle of the fabric.

It’s all rather delightful, if you are a rainwear enthusiast. And such a bargain!

Similar in style to this.....

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