Monday, 26 September 2011

Judicial caning

When, I wonder, did the penchant for judicial-style caning become popular among aficionados of consensual corporal punishment among adults?

I use the word style because a real judicial caning, similar to those barbaric practices used in Singapore, would not normally have any place in a DD environment.

However, judicial punishment, to me, means a pre-arranged session with a with a heavy cane, delivered full force and absolutely no escape from the set number of strokes – usually no less than 24 and usually a lot, lot more. And, I’d argue, there’s no reason why that shouldn’t be the case in a DD environment.

But going back to my initial question, is it just me, or are people looking for a greater degree of severity in domestic discipline as everything we do these days requires just that little extra edge of extremity?

I’ve always been fascinated by the history of judicial corporal punishment but I remember when I first began exploring the subject of consensual corporal punishment, most people were content with six of the best with the school cane or maybe 12 or 18 - and 24 was considered extreme. Or so it seemed from the places I was looking!

But now it seems that some domestic punishments, while not the same severity as a Singapore caning, are pretty extreme. Our own regime calls for 36 strokes of the Dragon cane once a week as maintenance but I’ve suffered much more than that in the past.

Is it a case of the more of the cane you have, the more you need to create an effect? Personally I don’t think that’s the case. My 36 never get any easier – and, as I blogged recently, a dose of 12 the other evening really took me to the edge. I was literally wimpering at the end and glad it wasn’t 36.

Others might argue that regular punishment is a bad thing and one’s senses do become dulled so only more severity has an effect.

But if you look at some of the home videos posted on places like Spanking Tube, there’s no lack of severe correction going on.

The other thing I’ve noticed is the shift towards judicial punishments among those who pay to be caned. Before my relationship with Mistress I used to visit professional disciplinarians and those who dealt in ‘Judicial Punishment’ were few and far between. A casual look around the websites now reveals that virtually every disciplinarian is offering ‘Judicials’ – at least in name. The only conclusion I draw from that is that it’s something more and more people are keen to experience.

Personally I’ve always thought that if you intend using corporal punishment as a means of domestic discipline, then any application of punishment means the recipient has to suffer for it to have any effect.

And if you aim to use a greater degree of severity, that introduced a fear factor into the punishment session which I think a lot of us get off on - rather than the actual pain and suffering of the punishment itself.

Perhaps others agree, which could explain why severe judicial-style corporal punishment is freely practiced in homes these days.

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  1. Hi
    Like you we do not take our canings to the judicial level you are referring to. Hrad strokes are the norm and my wife has adopted a full swing approach the cane strokes.
    I would like to test myself with a "Cassie Canes" approach one day but it will have to stay as a fantasy since I would not be able to explain the marks.
    I tend to stay away from the harsher web sites as they do not have much appeal for me.
    I still believe caning criminals and muggers would be the way forward and there would be nothing wrong in applying a judicial punishment to them. Just as I believe that killing killers and drug takers would solve the many problems we have today.
    Michael M