Thursday, 22 September 2011

Domestic discipline continues

There’s no let up in the discipline in our home just lately. Last night we were both lounging after a long day when Mistress suddenly remembered she had left some things in her car.

It was around 10.00pm and she asked me to fetch them. I stupidly made some kind of facial expression that was the equivalent to huffing and puffing and Mistress said, ‘Get the things in now then go and then fetch the cane.

I didn’t argue. I knew I’d done wrong and deserved what ever was coming.

I got 12 blistering strokes and was mightily glad Mistress stopped there because she seemed to be hitting me a lot harder than normal.

After I’d put the cane back in the wardrobe Mistress asked me, “what have you learned?”

I said that I should just get on and do things without question or comment.

Once we had settled back down and started talking about our current regime, I asked Mistress if she got any pleasure out of caning me and she said, “Only when I think you need it. I’m certainly not going to tolerate any kind of dissent that you showed tonight.”

I'm sure there will be plenty of readers who will agree with that sentiment.


  1. Hi there
    The 12 strokes were well deserved by you for your behaviour. Punishment on the spot has its merits and it would seem that your Mistress is getting on top of the situation.
    Michael M

  2. I have been in a D/D relationship for six years and have experienced the same problems with punishment that you relate in your prior posts; i.e., reluctance of wife to make the decisions about when and how many; my craving for strict supervision and whippings from my L.O.; bratting to get the spankings I needed.

    We tried everything: 5 a day keeps the crazies away; little black book with weekly review; complicated schedule for different offenses. Nothing worked for any length of time because too much of the burden was always on L.O. who, while not overly dominant was willing to administer what was necessary but didn’t feel like being responsible for deciding when, where and how much. And I was always hanging back because I didn’t want to turn her off by being too needy.

    Then along comes the idea of regular maintenance, but much more severe than anything we had tried in the past.

    So now we have just completed the third week and the transformation in L.O. is surprising. From a somewhat reluctant Mistress she has become diabolic in delivery. As with your Mistress she has taken delight in reminding a number of times during the week of the session that is upcoming. This week she delivered the 35 strokes (5 a day X 7 days) with a hairbrush at full strength and significant pauses between each smack. But, far worse, she to decided to deliver them all to virtually the same spot on one cheek. I still, four days later have a deep, deep bruise.

    Then, to make matters worse, I became balky at following her cleaning instructions yesterday, and she looked at me and said, “that’s going to be 70 strokes next session”, and I think she means it.

    Thus, we come to a turning point. Up until recently I have never been afraid of the punishment sessions so I have never been really successful in taking my submissive role totally seriously. If I do get 70 this week, with the same ferocity as last week……..I will be a believer.