Thursday, 29 September 2011

Birching punishment

Tonight’s maintenance punishment took on a new direction. Mistress adhered to the 36 strokes but gave one of the birches I’d made an airing and used one of the thicker hazel switches separately.

After a recent discussion about the birch, I’d harvested some hazel twigs from some woods when I was out in the car recently. I bound two ‘birch’ rods, one with three twigs which was also the longest at just over 36”, another with four. Both of them with quite thin, whippy rods about a third of the thickness of our thinnest cane. This was around 30 inches. And there was one thicker twig, about the same length as our thinnest Dragon cane, which I left over to use as a switch.

Mistress was eager to give them a try and started with the bundle of four rods. Being thin rods, it was very stingy but not overly painful. Then Mistress used the switch, which again was stingy.

Mistress admitted later she’d not applied the four rods with any real venom because the tips were breaking off.  And she had only used any real force with the last six of the switch.
But then she applied the Dragon cane with her usual ferocity and my word could I tell the difference.
Normally I think of the Dragon as being a real stinging, biting, nasty weapon that leaves along lasting burning sensation for quite a time after having 36. But tonight I felt just how much of a thud it packs too, compared to the stingy little switch.

So as far as punishment tonight, we both felt it was overly lenient and I’ve got a feeling Mistress might apply more of the Dragon cane tomorrow night. The reason being that this wasn’t just about a maintenance session tonight. We had an issue on Tuesday night with me getting a little bit agitated over a trivial matter but I did raise my voice and, obviously, that is against the rules in the house.

Mistress said that she didn’t think I’d learned anything from tonight’s session – but it was definitely necessary. I think she was right on both counts but I’ll happily bend over for what I deserve tomorrow.

As far as the birch is concerned, I think it’s something we’ll revisit but using heavier weight (thicker) twigs and  paying more attention to the whole ritual that surrounds” application of the rod.”

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  1. Hi
    You are right to carry on trying with the birch and switch. It can be a matter of trial and error as to which tree type and which size branches make the best implement.
    Michael M