Thursday, 29 September 2011

Birching punishment

Tonight’s maintenance punishment took on a new direction. Mistress adhered to the 36 strokes but gave one of the birches I’d made an airing and used one of the thicker hazel switches separately.

After a recent discussion about the birch, I’d harvested some hazel twigs from some woods when I was out in the car recently. I bound two ‘birch’ rods, one with three twigs which was also the longest at just over 36”, another with four. Both of them with quite thin, whippy rods about a third of the thickness of our thinnest cane. This was around 30 inches. And there was one thicker twig, about the same length as our thinnest Dragon cane, which I left over to use as a switch.

Mistress was eager to give them a try and started with the bundle of four rods. Being thin rods, it was very stingy but not overly painful. Then Mistress used the switch, which again was stingy.

Mistress admitted later she’d not applied the four rods with any real venom because the tips were breaking off.  And she had only used any real force with the last six of the switch.
But then she applied the Dragon cane with her usual ferocity and my word could I tell the difference.
Normally I think of the Dragon as being a real stinging, biting, nasty weapon that leaves along lasting burning sensation for quite a time after having 36. But tonight I felt just how much of a thud it packs too, compared to the stingy little switch.

So as far as punishment tonight, we both felt it was overly lenient and I’ve got a feeling Mistress might apply more of the Dragon cane tomorrow night. The reason being that this wasn’t just about a maintenance session tonight. We had an issue on Tuesday night with me getting a little bit agitated over a trivial matter but I did raise my voice and, obviously, that is against the rules in the house.

Mistress said that she didn’t think I’d learned anything from tonight’s session – but it was definitely necessary. I think she was right on both counts but I’ll happily bend over for what I deserve tomorrow.

As far as the birch is concerned, I think it’s something we’ll revisit but using heavier weight (thicker) twigs and  paying more attention to the whole ritual that surrounds” application of the rod.”

Monday, 26 September 2011

Judicial caning

When, I wonder, did the penchant for judicial-style caning become popular among aficionados of consensual corporal punishment among adults?

I use the word style because a real judicial caning, similar to those barbaric practices used in Singapore, would not normally have any place in a DD environment.

However, judicial punishment, to me, means a pre-arranged session with a with a heavy cane, delivered full force and absolutely no escape from the set number of strokes – usually no less than 24 and usually a lot, lot more. And, I’d argue, there’s no reason why that shouldn’t be the case in a DD environment.

But going back to my initial question, is it just me, or are people looking for a greater degree of severity in domestic discipline as everything we do these days requires just that little extra edge of extremity?

I’ve always been fascinated by the history of judicial corporal punishment but I remember when I first began exploring the subject of consensual corporal punishment, most people were content with six of the best with the school cane or maybe 12 or 18 - and 24 was considered extreme. Or so it seemed from the places I was looking!

But now it seems that some domestic punishments, while not the same severity as a Singapore caning, are pretty extreme. Our own regime calls for 36 strokes of the Dragon cane once a week as maintenance but I’ve suffered much more than that in the past.

Is it a case of the more of the cane you have, the more you need to create an effect? Personally I don’t think that’s the case. My 36 never get any easier – and, as I blogged recently, a dose of 12 the other evening really took me to the edge. I was literally wimpering at the end and glad it wasn’t 36.

Others might argue that regular punishment is a bad thing and one’s senses do become dulled so only more severity has an effect.

But if you look at some of the home videos posted on places like Spanking Tube, there’s no lack of severe correction going on.

The other thing I’ve noticed is the shift towards judicial punishments among those who pay to be caned. Before my relationship with Mistress I used to visit professional disciplinarians and those who dealt in ‘Judicial Punishment’ were few and far between. A casual look around the websites now reveals that virtually every disciplinarian is offering ‘Judicials’ – at least in name. The only conclusion I draw from that is that it’s something more and more people are keen to experience.

Personally I’ve always thought that if you intend using corporal punishment as a means of domestic discipline, then any application of punishment means the recipient has to suffer for it to have any effect.

And if you aim to use a greater degree of severity, that introduced a fear factor into the punishment session which I think a lot of us get off on - rather than the actual pain and suffering of the punishment itself.

Perhaps others agree, which could explain why severe judicial-style corporal punishment is freely practiced in homes these days.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Birch

Does anyone use a birch rod as an instrument of correction as part of their domestic discipline regime?

I ask because it’s something Mistress and I discussed a while back and we recently harvested some twigs to fashion into a birch. I've tried tying them into birch rods - one with three twigs, one with four but also left a couple spare to use like a swtich - but the finished birches look a pretty amatuerish. So I just wondered if anyone has done this and created an effective product.

The term birch rod is a misnomer since it is not a single rod but a collection of twigs – not necessarily from the birch tree. Ours are from a hazel bush. The Isle of Man authorities used hazel to make birches to use in their judicial punishments.

The birch rod of course employs a special place in British corporal punishment history. The Isle of Man used birching right through the 1970s and the birch, as well as the cat-o-nine-tails, was used in British prisons.

The judicial birch was three or four rods bound together. According to Wikipedia the severity of the birch rod was determined by its length, weight and number of twigs. In Dartmoor Prison, for example, prisoners over 16 years old were subjected to a ‘senior birch, which weight 16 ounces and was 48 in length.

The birch was also used in schools, most famously at Eton where they used what is known as the ‘spray birch’ – a much bushier collection of smaller twigs.

Birching apparently took place all over Europe up to the 19th century when caning started to become a more popular method of corporal punishment.

Domestic discipline continues

There’s no let up in the discipline in our home just lately. Last night we were both lounging after a long day when Mistress suddenly remembered she had left some things in her car.

It was around 10.00pm and she asked me to fetch them. I stupidly made some kind of facial expression that was the equivalent to huffing and puffing and Mistress said, ‘Get the things in now then go and then fetch the cane.

I didn’t argue. I knew I’d done wrong and deserved what ever was coming.

I got 12 blistering strokes and was mightily glad Mistress stopped there because she seemed to be hitting me a lot harder than normal.

After I’d put the cane back in the wardrobe Mistress asked me, “what have you learned?”

I said that I should just get on and do things without question or comment.

Once we had settled back down and started talking about our current regime, I asked Mistress if she got any pleasure out of caning me and she said, “Only when I think you need it. I’m certainly not going to tolerate any kind of dissent that you showed tonight.”

I'm sure there will be plenty of readers who will agree with that sentiment.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

SBR raincoat in public

Recent bad weather has given me plenty of opportunity to wear my favourite rubber raincoat.

I bought it last winter but it’s only recently I’ve felt confident enough to wear it out and about and spent four days on the trot wearing it while on holiday. Some holiday, it rained every day but at least I had my rubber raincoat with me, which gave me something to smile about. 

I know that sounds ridiculous but I also know there is still a stigma attached to rubber raincoats and would – even now – be embarrassed to meet a work colleague or friend wearing my rubber coat.

So I only wear it if I’m away from my own locality – which is a shame because I do get satisfaction from wearing it.

As I’ve said before, I’m a lifelong rubber and PVC raincoat fetishist. But while I wear my rubber raincoat in public there’s no sense of sexual excitement for me. There is a thrill however, but I’m not sure how to explain what it is.

I do get a buzz when I notice people doing a double take when I’m out and about. And people do look – no question. But it’s mainly men, though I did spot a couple fo women taking a second glance....

I suppose the buzz is me wondering what they are thinking. It could be ‘weirdo’, it could be ‘who does he think he is dressed like that?’ It could even be, ‘wow, a rubber raincoat, not seen one of those in a long time.’ My biggest thrill would be another enthusiast stopping me to ask where I bought it.

I’ve not been able to analyse why I like this raincoat so much. It’s not extremely shiny like some of the old Weather Or Not mackintoshes. It’s not strong on style – not in the same vogue as an old trenchcoat.

I think what I really enjoy about it is being aware that you are wearing it. The material is quite stiff and heavy – unlike my really old soft Weather Or Not SBR trenchcoat. Neither is it slocky like some mackintoshes – though it does creak and rustle.

It’s also the way it hangs off the shoulders that makes you constantly aware of it.

The one disappointment is that there is no strong rubber odour like my Weather Or Not raincoat. All the pleasurable smells are taken out in modern rubber gear so it means us fetishists feel a little cheated. I wonder what it must have been like in the old days when lots of people wore rubber raincoats. The odour when several of them gathered in a shop for example, must have been quite something.

However it does have a slightly sweet sickly smell, mainly of silicon polish I use so now my senses are tuned that that pleasure recognition and even out and about I’m constantly reminded of it when I’m wearing the mackintosh – so others near must also be able to smell it.

What is very different for me it that the raincoat will always look ‘new’. Unless it gets damaged, he smooth surface will always have the same dull sheen. Now I know that’s an obvious statement but normally I hate wearing anything that looks ‘brand new.’ Even when I was a kid at school I hate new shoes and had to scuff the toes deliberately to take the edge off the new-ness. Now for the first time in my life, I derive pleasure from going out in public wearing a raincoat that has a definite sheen to it – and what’s more, it only feels right wearing it with polished black shoes.

It actually doesn’t feel right at all. I’m very conscious of wearing it every second I have it on but I still love it to bits.

I love the way the material ripples as I bend my arm and the way, the stiff double layer of rubber feels as I slide my hand into the pocket.

The material is very heavy and it seems that no matter the temperature, it’s always going to feel quite stiff whereas my Weather Or Not mackintosh is really quite supple.

When I bought this raincoat I wanted something that looked relatively modern in style because the aim always was to wear it in public – where all my other mackintoshes are purely for indoors where I can comfortable wear all kinds of belted and buckled trenchcoats.

This raincoat is actually styles on a design Weather Vain produced for Burberry. It’s short, just below the knee, single breasted and is very much bespoke – hence the £375 price tag.

I opted for exposed buttons rather than a fly front style to break up the smooth panels of rubber.

The collar is short and pointed and now I’ve worn this raincoat in public for several days on the trot, I think anyone could get away with wearing something like this is their daily commute around the city. The style is thoroughly modern. But the material makes it stand out.

The irony is that sat typing this, I’m already thinking that if I was going to buy another raincoat from Weather Vain, one that I would wear in public, it would have to be a traditional trenchcoat style – double breasted, epaulettes, belted waist and sleeves so then I’d really stand out in the crowd.

Having said that, I still need to wear this raincoat a lot more to gain confidence.  I’m still very self conscious wearing it and each time I walk past a group of people and hear a snigger, I wonder if I turned back they would be pointing and laughing at the old man in the mackintosh!

One other thing I’ve realised that even in September, when it’s still relatively warm, a rubber raincoat is not warm to wear. If I’m going to wear this in winter then I’m going to need to wear some kind of fleece under it.
The one thing about wearing it in public that’s been a real positive for me is that I can no longer slouch. To wear an SBR raincoat in public I have to feel confident and that means holding my head up high, pulling my shoulders back and striding out. It’s the only way to carry it off: ‘Yes, I’m wearing a rubber raincoat and I’m proud of it,’ is the message and I walk down the high street.

I’ve caught several people taking a good long look at me but I’m hoping my confident air carries me through.
I think one reason I felt so self conscious wearing the mackintosh was that Mistress wasn’t with me. Being on my own made it very different so I pleased I spent so much time in the raincoat these past four days.

With Mistress it’s going to be more acceptable to be seen hand in hand with a women – rather than being seen as some lonely old man in mackintosh.

The one thing I’d really love to persuade Mistress is to go for a black PVC trenchcoat. She had red and blue PVC jackets and while she’s been adverse to wearing a black PVC mackintosh around the house, she has developed an aversion for black mackintosh in public, purely, I believe, because of the knowledge she now has about raincoat fetishism – which she only discovered once she met me. The other issue is finding a really nice modern cut raincoat in reasonably heavy black PVC.

Owning an SBR raincoat really brings home to me that they are high maintenance. You can’t let the collar get too much sweat on it or the rubber will degrade. You have to polish the whole thing regularly with silicon-based polish. You can’t let it lie in sunlight or cold. So owning one really is a labour of love.

I’m also scared to death of damaging the surface. Even hanging it up worries me that I’ll permanently crease the collar. Out in shops I’m scared it’ll get caught on a sharp surface, or it’ll get scratched buy someone with an umbrella, or burned by a cigarette end. I treat is with more respect than I’ve ever treated any form of clothing.  I can’t just toss it on a chair in a coffee shop, it has to be folded just so and placed on a chair. I’m constantly scare I’ll crease it.

Does anyone else have such paranoia?

In fact I wonder, how many like-minded people out there actually wearing SBR raincoats in public on a regular basis?

Our punishment charter

Following on from our discussion this past week (see previous post) we also discussed our punishment regime in quite a lot of detail.

Mistress knows I love the fantasy of corporal punishment. It’s the reason Mistress and I began playing corporal punishment games in the first place. But in many ways I hate the reality of a real punishment caning. I also melt at the fantasy of Mistresses dominance. But I don’t take kindly to that either. But the reality is that I need both. Such is the dichotomy of a submissive male with a CP fantasy.....

Our weekly maintenance system is perfect in that we no longer have to worry about when is the right time to use the cane, but we’ve both been saying things need to be a little stricter regime over the next few months to really take our FLR to another level and mould me into a better submissive to ensure I give Mistress my maxim attention.

We’re at a point where Mistress' corporal punishments are something to be feared and, if I’m honest, the situation now is that I actually am a little scared of what she is capable of when she punishes. The result is having a positive benefit – but only when she maintains her assertiveness.

The problem we found is that it’s difficult to use the cane more than once in any week because of the damage to the flesh. But this week we needed to fit in two maintenance sessions and really, there should have been a really serious thrashing one night as well after I quite wrongly, answered Mistress back.

So we both realised the system needed a rethink and spent the last few days throwing ideas around. But it’s quite amusing when we’re out shopping, in the middle of a crowded café and Mistress says, ‘I think we’re relying too much on that one cane and need to make more use of some of our things, like that bath brush you hate.’

We aim to retain - and the 36 stroke tariff.  But to reduce the damage caused by a cane Mistress will now use the bath brush or leather paddle.

My other faults are now graded four different levels that need correction. But how Mistress grades individual cases is entirely down to her. Today’s serious fault might not seem so bad tomorrow so it’s her call. The bottom line is that Mistress now has total control and our new rules and sanctions are designed to allow her to apply her assertiveness on the relationship and ensure I am respectful at all times and carry out my chores as expected.

Here are how those thoughts have become our revised rules. They may look cumbersome but cover everything that Mistress thinks needs correcting. The basic rule of thumb is that Mistress decides if I need punishing and how she punishes me.

GRADE A - Serious faults
We will now only use the thin Dragon when real punishment is required to correct serious faults. This is by far the most effective instrument we have and our thinking is that it should therefore be used for the most serious offences. Our rule is that it will never be used for less than 36 strokes.

GRADE B - Less serious faults
We have plenty of other canes/instruments to use that will still provide a short, sharp shock.

GRADE C - Regular annoying faults
Mistress is getting more and more annoyed with the silly little things that I do or forget to do: like leaving the toilet seat up, leaving the electric shower turned on all day, leaving lights on in rooms we’re not using. So in future she’ll aims to use the lightweight black tawse on my hands each time I break one of these rules.

GRADE D other annoying faults
We will start to use corner time for minor faults. Like last night on the couch. I had no idea I was annoying Mistress but it would have been only right to be sent to the corner to resolve the issue.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Domestic discipline review

After my weekly maintenance caning a week ago last Monday Mistress and I sat down for a discussion about how best to improve our FLR. It’s a discussion that’s been on-going ever since.

I’d read an insightful post on Learning Domestic Discipline which presents couples living in FLR’s with regular tasks and this recent task was that both sides of the relationship should write a letter to the other, expressing thoughts on ‘how you feel the relationship could be better, including what areas/aspects of the relationship you feel both parties need to improve on.’

I mentioned this to Mistress and this is a result of the ongoing  discussion, based on the LDD post.

Our thoughts:

1          My focus
We both feel our weekly maintenance punishment sessions have been effective in as much they help me focus better on my submissive attitude. However Mistress has noted that the effect only lasts a limited amount of time before I slip into my old selfish ways. So one area for improvement is for me to maintain my focus through the entire week, where it’s been slipping after a few days (see 2 below). The other issue we have is that the 36-stroke caning, while effective, almost restricts us to using the cane once per week (due to the damage it causes to the flesh – as Kealah quit rightly suggested it might). I just about heals in time for a fresh set of stripes but Mistress said she is not happy at the thought of using the cane more than once in the same week. We both agreed however, there are some situations within the FLR where it would be favourable to be able to use the cane as a punishment at other times than the weekly maintenance session.

2          Mistress and her level of assertiveness
The only area of our FLR that I think Mistress could improve is in her level of assertiveness. There are times when, wrongly, I rebel against our regime (which I asked for in the first place incidentally) but at these times, Mistress backs off when she sees me in this mindset –the very time when what I need is pulling up sharp. I think it would help our relationship if I didn’t adopt this mindset in the first place, but also if Mistress adopted a more assertive role and stamped out any lack of respect instantly. Mistress however maintains, quite rightly, that I shouldn’t need constant punishment. She says focus (see 1) is something I should monitor myself and should be able to maintain without supervision. Mistress also said that there are times when my behaviour is downright spiteful and that I have to learn to temper what she calls, ‘my bitchy tendencies’. She said I must take a good look at myself when I get in such a mood and take a deep breath to avoid upsetting Mistress. My thought is that this fault, which I admit sometimes does get the better of me, warrants corporal punishment – probably more so that any other fault I have because it show a lack of respect towards Mistress.

3          My spendthrift ways
I explained to Mistress that I need help in this area. I’m far too frivolous with money and I need to have more self control – but I could also do with a little help from her to exercise this self control. Mistress said that in future I will be required to ask permission before spending any money on luxury items. We both agreed we need to discuss what kind of sanctions will be imposed if I break the rule.

4          My bad habits
I have several bad habits which Mistress has to repeatedly remind me of: shouting for an adjacent room in the house, leaving the toilet seat up, handing her bedroom robe in the mornings before she gets out of bed, leaving the electric shower turned on all day, etc etc. I have to make more effort to correct these faults. Again there is need to discuss suitable sanctions.

5          Household chores
I lack direction in completing my household chores. Mistress suggested that I draw up a check list of my responsibilities and she will ensure I attend to everything in a controlled routine.

6          Restriction of computer use
Mistress has banned the laptop and other electronic devices from the breakfast table because it means she is not the centre of focus she should be.

7          Saying good night
Mistress said that in future if she chooses to go to be early, this is it my responsibility to say good night to her properly, even if I am not going to bed.

8          Remember Mistress is human
Mistress said that sometimes she needs moral support. She says that I seem to think she can cope with anything and be dominant at all times but that is not always the case and I should respect that more than I do.

Those are our thoughts. But I’m sure there will be others. That’s the advantage of continually discussing our relationship in an honest and open manner. We’ve also been discussing corrective measures and I’ll detail our revised punishment regime in my next post. But in the meantime, if anyone wishes to comment or make suggestions then we’ll look forward to your responses.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Punishment week

It’s been a busy week for disciplinary procedures in our house.

I had my regular maintenance punishment on Monday evening (postponed from the previous Thursday due to work commitments.

That evening we began a detail examination of our entire FLR procedures.

On Friday night I had this week’s maintenance session (delayed again by work) – but Mistress curtailed it after 24 strokes because my bottom was grazed and starting to ooze blood.

It was actually meant to be 48 strokes, the regular 36 plus 12 for answering back while in the kitchen preparing tea.

Mistress told me the remaining 24 would be delivered Saturday but we ended up being out all day so I thought I’d escaped – at least until Sunday.

I was very tired so unusually I went to be a few minutes before Mistress came up – but when she came into the bedroom, I failed to acknowledge her presence, which clearly annoyed her.

“You are lying with your back to me,” she said.

“I’m trying to get to sleep Mistress,” I responded, having just been woken from a sleep I was drifting into.
“What are the rules about bedtime?”

“I’m meant to say good night properly Mistress.”

“Well I think you should go and fetch the cane because that’s another rule broken.”

“You can’t use the cane now, the neighbours are bound to hear,” I pleaded.

“Yes, you are right, so we’ll do it in the box room the. Now!”

I jumped out of bend and got the cane from the wardrobe in the box room. Mistress told me to bend over the back of the chair and laid on a volley of strokes but then said, “This isn’t having any effect.”

She was right. The room is tiny. You couldn’t swing a cat, let alone a cane. I heard her fumbling around in the wardrobe.

And with a “this should do the job,” she laid on the dreaded bath brush with some vigour.

When she finished Mistress said, “We’ll deal with the outstanding 24 with the cane tomorrow. But at least now you should be awake again enough to say goodnight properly. Get back to bed.”

All I can say is that I indeed did say goodnight properly and Mistress was satisfied with my efforts.

And now it is Sunday evening. I’ve just experienced the most excruciating 24 strokes of the thin Dragon, the punishment held over from Friday.

Mistress stood before me swishing that awful cane. “And why are we here doing this?”

“It’s 12 left over from my maintenance session, Mistress, plus the 12 for talking back to you.”

I wasn’t spared. In fact I think this was possible the most painful 24 cane strokes I’ve ever suffered. I didn't shed tears but I wimpered at each of the last six.

An incredible white heat burned my bottom as I just bent forward in front of Mistress for her to properly examine her handy work after she had released me from the bench. "I've barely marked you," she said. "But it will do for now."

Friday, 16 September 2011

Bring back the cane?

I never thought I’d see it again in my time but today on the front page of the Daily Express was a massive leader headline: ‘Schools told to bring back caning.'

I never intended my blog to be anything other than an account of my corporal punishment experiences in our loving, female-led relationship, but there really does seem to be a tide of enthusiasm to reintroduce a much stricter form of discipline across the country so it’s a debate that deserves to be aired.

The Express was quoting from a survey published in the Times Education Supplement which says that 49% of parents think that corporal punishment such as smacking and caning should be reintroduced for very bad behaviour in schools. And what’s even more surprising, says the Express, is that 19% of secondary school children agree!

I find it quite ironic that this survey should hit the front page of a national newspaper only a week or so after Michael M, on his blog Discipline Behaviour, called for the reintroduction of judicial corporal punishment as a method of dealing with certain levels of criminal acts, including for those hooligans involved in the riots. It was a post that provoked me into airing my views on this very blog.

As I said before, I wasn’t against corporal punishment when I was at school. It was simply an accepted part of life – something to fear from my perspective but part of life just the same. But times change and when I became a parent I was happy for my children that there wasn’t this fear of the cane hanging over them.

However, as I say, times change and it seems to me that we’ve swung so far the other way in our society that not only is there a lack of discipline (across the entire Western civilisation) there is also a lack of respect for any kind of authority or other people or property.

I’m not suggesting for a moment bringing back the cane at school is the answer but I’m am starting to wonder if it’s symbol, as the ultimate sanction, might play a small part of a bigger plan to reintroduce the discipline and respect that is lacking.

My worry, as I said in my previous post, is that any use of corporal punishment, is open to abuse. But if those fears could possible be allayed by some kind of judicial procedure then perhaps it could have it’s place.

Getting back to the Express report, Nick Seaton of the Campaign for Real Education was quoted: “It is very encouraging to see the vast majority of people – both parents and pupils – wanting to see teachers exercising more authority. I think a lot of parents will be disappointed by the attitude of teacher’s unions who seem to be wishy washy on the subject.”

The teachers unions predictably dismissed the suggestion. Chris Keates of the NASUWT said: “A mythology has grown up around corporal punishment and its effectiveness which has never borne out by reality.”

According to what he told the Express, “a 1950s report suggested that levels of vandalism we don’t even see now  was rife in the period when schools routinely uses corporal punishment.”

The government has pledged to restore order in the classroom but it seems they didn’t expect for this kind of response to that pledge from the parents and pupils. Other methods of correction suggested in the survey included sending children out of class, after-school detention, suspension and expulsion or writing lines. But to my thinking none of them carry the same kind of deterrent as the cane - and would, I suggest, be quite ineffective measures.

What the Express didn’t say, but the TES does, is that the cane is unlikely to ever find it’s way back into schools because of  human rights issues. The survey quotes children’s rights campaigner Peter Newell, co-ordinator of the Children are Unbeatable! Alliance, who said: “All European states have prohibited school corporal punishment, some more than a century ago. This is not an issue about parents’ views - it’s about children’s protection.”

And he’s right of course – as I suggested earlier.

The big issue, in this mamby-pamby world we live in, is that even if the cane was reintroduced,  the parents of children suffering the cane would resort to the legal process and sue teachers, schools, local education authorities etc for  inflicting physical harm on their children.

My thought is that if close on 50% of parents want to see the cane reintroduced, which means 50% don’t, then the easy answer would be that all parents sign a legal document either opting in or out of the  corporal punishment system. But I’m sure that document would have plenty of loopholes in it.

The survey adds that Mr Newell argues that the UK’s human-rights obligations make it a “dead issue”, and Association of School and College Leaders general secretary Brian Lightman, says “the days of corporal punishment are long gone”. And the response in the TES story from a Department for Education spokesman suggests they are correct. “There is no intention of ever reintroducing corporal punishment,” he said.
They survey concludes that, “there is, it would seem, little chance that those campaigners from the Eighties are going to have to remobilise.”

But only 2000 people were surveyed. The story is now all over the news and I can see every chance that it will encourage a groundswell of similar opinion. I  wonder what will happen if the feeling across the rest of the country does concur with those surveyed who want to see the cane reintroduced. That surely would lead to the remobilisation that the DoE spokesman refers to. But  I still can't see  the cane being re-introduced to schools in my time. But then again, I never expected to see a front pages headline like today's Daily Express leader either.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Judicial corporal punishment

My good friend Michael M has posted quite a few comments on my blog and  is largely responsible for Mistres and I operating a weekly maintence punishment system, thanks to his detail accounts the sytem his wife operates. Michael  recently started his own rather excellent blog called Disciplined Behavior (see: and I read with interest one of his recent posts calling for the introduction of the Singapore Judicial cane to the UK.

This is what he said:

“Some of you will have heard about the so called “riots” in England a few weeks ago. 
“Since then there have been thousands of words written in the newspapers about the justice (or injustice) of sending these hooligans to prison. Maybe if we administered justice “Singapore style” with 6 or 12 strokes of the rattan cane, then we would not be paying so much to keep these miscreants in prison and maybe there would not have been any looting in the first place. I don’t imagine that the courts in Singapore see many people for a second offence after a caning.

“I will not include any of the actual images of a judicial caning as they are quite strong. This one gives you plenty of scope to imagine what it might be like to bent over for the strokes from a rattan cane, which has been soaked for hours in water to give it added weight. Anyone who is interested in this topic can key Singapore Canings into You Tube to see how painful they might be.”

I tried to post this comment on Michael’s blog but there seems to be some technical issue so I’ve decided to post it here instead:

Hi Michael,

I’m afraid I have to disagree with you on this one – in as much as adopting the Singapore cane.
I’m one of those ‘do-gooders’ who feel that the Singapore Judicial canings are barbaric – in as much as, from what I understand, the very first stroke doesn’t just draw blood, it tears open the flesh.

I would also have argued vehemently in the past that I’ve always been and always would be against any form of corporal punishment, apart from between consenting adults. But even my staunch opposition is waning as I see a total lack of discipline across the nation.

This morning I visited my parents for the first time in a while and my Mother broached the subject of ‘the riots’ and said, ‘the trouble is those hooligans have no idea of discipline. We should never have given up using the cane. It never did us any harm. My Mother had a ‘penny cane’ and woe betide any of us if we stepped out of line.’

She told me how her brother was caned several times at school, at which point I pointed out the cane could not exactly have been a deterrent. She however argued that when her brother moaned to their mother he had been caned, she asked him what he had done and he then owned up to his misdemeanours – so he obviously had taken on board the error of his ways. It was a good argument.

At school I was never subjected to corporal punishment because, I believe, my parents taught me right from wrong, so I never found myself in too much trouble. My children have grown up without getting into major trouble and I’m hoping that’s in part because they know right from wrong.

They’ve never been subjected to corporal punishment in any form. So maybe it’s down to educating kids about respect etc. But that’s not the easy answer for those living with no hope for the future etc.

However, rather than get in a heavy debate about the why’s and where fore’s of the riots that even the cleverest people in the country don’t understand…..let me get back to corporal punishment.

At school I openly admit I feared the cane, but it wasn’t so much the pain I worried about, it was the fear of the humiliation of everyone knowing, because, believe me, punishments were widely discussed at our school. There was a real stigma attached to being caned.

I think it’s that fear that’s missing now and kids (and grown ups) think , ‘well so what if I do this, ‘what can they do to me…’

So to take your viewpoint, but refine it, maybe it would be an idea to reintroduce corporal punishment into western society, using the cane as a means of Judicial correction.

And those punishment are reported by the press - not in a ‘the poor lad got caned, isn’t it terrible’ way, but in a factual, ‘this was the crime and this is how he/she paid the price.’

But rather than using  a barbaric tool like they use in Singapore – where canings are limited to in strokes because the flesh is destroyed so quickly - why not use a thick Dragon cane where punishments of larger number of strokes could be administered without excessively damaging the flesh?

Yes, blood might be drawn but the flesh won’t be flayed open. But, believe me, it would still be an agonising punishment – and with a larger number of strokes possible, the suffering would be drawn out.

But the most important aspect to the punishment would be ritual. That’s what used to make school canings feared. Imagine after sentence you are held for at least one day in a cell to really think about your situation. Then you have to change into punishment shorts before being led to a special punishment cell. There you undergo a medical and are then led to a bench to which your are strapped down. The punishment is administered slowly, and methodically under strict supervision.

My worry about the use of corporal punishment has always been that it’s a system open to abuse – so when I say strict supervision, I mean  it would have to be a foolproof system that punishments were given to the letter.

It’s pure fantasy of course because our society has tipped so far the other way from when I was a child. But, for those interested, there is a really good piece of fiction suggesting a very methodical Judicial punishment system called ‘The Discipline Archive by Garrick Espieside.’

The most interesting question for me in this type of discussion is, imagine if corporal punishment was reinstated, at what age group should it be targeted?  And for what crimes?  If we say it’s targeted at so called ‘hooligans’ – well some of those arrested in the riots were in there 30s. And is it for females as well as males?

So isn’t there an argument that says corporal punishment should be used across all ages for any criminal offence that involves injury to others or attacks on property?

And then comes the argument, should it be reintroduced in schools?

Personally, I think it’s like Garrick’s book – pure fantasy, but a very thought provoking fantasy none the less.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

The cane regime continues

I’m not sure I’m going to get used to these weekly caning sessions. It’s certainly getting no easier. Mistress is insisting we continue them but the severity of the 36 strokes is really taxing me and I’m finding it difficult to take them without a fuss.

Am I complaining? Of course not. It’s just quite an experience knowing what to expect each time I bend over the bench now, knowing that it is going to hurt like hell. It’s the kind of regime a submissive like me dreams of but can’t quite believe it will ever happen.

The fantasy is fantastic. The reality is something very different and even though  I’m coming to dread my appointments, I melt with submission after each thrashing.

The brief ‘no restraints’ approach, which I foolishly suggested, has already been discarded. Mistress insisted we used them last time and again tonight (yes, postponed from Thursday due to other commitments). And it’s just as well because I did suffer tonight. She doesn’t want me moving and prefers to keep the tempo going.

Each time my shackles are clipped into place I promise myself I’m going to remain stoic. I’ve had seven sessions now – that’s 252 strokes (plus some extras) but it still only takes three stinging strokes in each session to break my resolve. And it doesn’t help that Mistress is now taking great delight in targeting the crease between my bottom and the top of my thighs.

There’s no break either, just stroke after stroke and when it’s all over I’m soaked in sweat, exhausted and my rear throbs and burns for at least half an hour afterwards.

Is it working as a maintenance punishment system? I’d say it is to a degree since the pressure is off both of us, me because there’s definitely no willingness to encourage the cane anymore, and for Mistress because she’s more than happy to use the sessions to remind me of anything that’s annoyed her in the past week.
Is it correcting my general faults? Some, but I’ve still got much to learn. Take tonight after my punishment, I didn’t quite respond to Mistress in the accepted manner. She looked at me calmly – one of those looks that turns the tummy - and said, “if you carry on with that attitude I’ll give you another 36 right now.”
She wasn’t joking.

I can see changes coming. We’ve been so busy and spent so little time together in recent weeks that things have become a little ‘relaxed. I think once things calm down (there is light at the end of the work tunnel for both of us), then I think Mistress will impose ever more authority.

New shiny raincoat

I know I’ve mentioned it before but I’ve always had a clothing fetish, specifically shiny pvc or rubber raincoats – and somehow that clothing fetish fits in with my corporal punishment interests.

I’ve no idea why, but since a very early age I’ve always found seeing women in such clothing incredibly attractive and love wearing rainwear myself.

Our fetish wardrobe features a collection of different coats and jackets in rubber and pvc – plus leggings, boots and some fetish clothing for myself and Mistress – but I have to admit most (thought not all) of the gear is mine!

It’s not the kind of clothing I feel comfortable wearing out in public though – so I have recently bought an SBR (shiny black rubber) mackintosh from Weathervain and a pvc raincoat with DKNY buttons and labels (though I’m not 100% convince it’s a genuine product of theirs) and I do wear one or the other when I’m out shopping with Mistress.

The SBR mac is actually the same cut as one Burberry use for their rubber-backed rainwear – in fact, I believe that Weathervain might even have made Burberry rubber coats atone time. The style is very simple but Mistress likes it as much as I do, though I still feel a bit uneasy wearing a rubber raincoat in public. Ridiculous I know.

So while those are my ‘going out’ macks, it’s not uncommon for me to wear anyone of my other raincoats around the home to do the chores. I wear it like a housecoat for want of a better description, with rubber or pvc pants underneath and either rubber riding boots or patent shoes.

I’m sat here typing my blog, wearing my recent purchase - an ex-military heavy pvc mackintosh – ‘Raincoat, black, shiny, four weather, for the use of.’

It’s a really heavy, stiff, very shiny black fabric, concealed button fastening, neck button to fasten the turned up collar really tight to stop rain dripping down the neck. The cuffs have internal elastic to stop the rain running up inside the sleeve too. There are two deep square pockets.

The cut is really simple, with raglan sleeves and it just hangs off the shoulders – with no belt to tie it in at the waist.

I bought it for £25 on e-bay but it looks brand new, though it’s got an amazingly strong pvc odour where I’d say it’s been stored along with a lot of industrial products.

It’s probably ex-Navy and you could imagine a row of them hung in the mess room on the ship and the sailors would grab one on their way to the deck for their next shift.

Like I say, it’s very stiff fabric, even when warm, so you are constantly aware of it and every movement is rewarded with a creak or a rustle of the fabric.

It’s all rather delightful, if you are a rainwear enthusiast. And such a bargain!

Similar in style to this.....