Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Weekly caning

Our maintenance punishment regime is working well. Well in as much as we have a routine and if we can’t meet our Thursday 8.00pm ‘appointment’ we re-arrange it.

Last week we re-scheduled for Sunday. I honestly didn’t feel like suffering a caning come Sunday evening and didn’t even hint at the impending appointment on Sunday evening but halfway through the day, Mistress picked me up on a brief argument we had had earlier that day in the car and added, ‘and don’t think you’ll get away with it. It’s your punishment session tonight. Even if you’ve forgotten it, or are trying to forget it, I haven’t.”

I think that said a lot about our new regime. Mistress has embraced it fully. I don’t believe she’s been caning me absolutely full force – or course she hasn’t – but she’s certainly not  been sparing me either and I think she’s really enjoying the freedom it gives her.

By that I mean it’s taken the pressure off knowing when and when not to cane.

For me it’s daunting, knowing there is now no escape. It might not be full force but 36 hard strokes, hard enough to leave purple stripes, is a painful experience. And it’s going to happen every week regardless.

I wish I’d not suggested we use the same cane for this aspect of our corporal punishment activities because the thin Dragon does really bite.

But I wouldn’t wish it any other way.

Sunday’s punishment actually did me good. We had cross words in the car early that day, basically because Mistress was stressed and was having a go at me fro some insignifanct thing – but instead of taking on board her moments of stress, I reacted badly and also became angry. That’s definitely not allowed in our relationship. As the cane strokes fell, I willing embraced  them as a correction for my faults.

It’s obvious I’ve still a long way to go before I can honestly claim to be a true submissive. Maybe I never will be able to do that but I think Sunday helped show me I’m heading in the right direction. It’s just the ability to stop myself and assess the situation before I open my mouth.

But at least we have mechanism in place to deal with these faults. Imagine, without it, that kind of exchange in the car could have led to days of sulking (on my part). Instead it was sorted in a few minutes.

I do love this lifestyle. How did I come to deserve such a wonderful woman?


  1. Hi

    It is always makes for an interesting day when you are never quite sure that you want to go through with a maintenance punishment which is overdue. Somehow the session on the prescribed day is something to look forward to but when it is delayed it seems like a real imposition on one’s freedom. It was good that your wife reminded you of your commitment and dealt with you firmly.
    Michael M

  2. Michael M: I find it much more difficult if it's suddenly sprung on me. Mistress caned me one morning before I was even out of bed. I tried to get out of it but she insisted and even fetched the cane herself. Normally I'm told to fetch it. When there's a prescribed appointment I seem to be able to accept it more readily.