Sunday, 21 August 2011

Extra punishment

Tonight I received my maintenance punishment, postponed from Thursday. I knew, when Mistress came back from afternoon tea with a friend of hers, she was in a mean mood.

Mistress normally has a happy, outgoing, chatty persona but when she’s in the mood to cane me, she adopts a very authoritarian attitude. No smiles, No chat. She just barks her orders.

Even before that I already knew I was in trouble. Her last words leaving the house were, ‘I want you to make a list of all the things  you’ve failed to do this past week or things you’ve done badly, and a list of all the good things. We’ll discuss them before your punishment tonight.’

By the end of the morning, the only good point in my favour was cleaning downstairs that very day, my performance the rest of the week was abysmal, including raising my voice on Monday night when I was preparing tea.

At 8.00pm, Mistress told me to fetch the cane – and added, ‘bring your restraints, you’ll need them tonight.’
I stood before Mistress in my punishment pants and was told to read my list of failings aloud. I only got through the first item – the raised voice issue – when she stopped me. ‘Right, so far everything you’ve said about Monday night is about you. It fails to mention you had no thoughts for my feelings that evening – the fact that I’d had a difficult day at work. That to me shows just how selfish you are.’

She wasn’t wrong of course and, in a way, I knew I deserved what was coming.

Mistress wasn’t wrong about the restraints. I can honestly say she has never caned me so hard  - ever. Not only was she seemingly able to find more venom in each stroke than I’d experienced, she also gave me no time to recover. Normally she knows I struggle and relents after every 12 to let me catch breath. Not this time.

I totally wimped out. Not only was I making a bit of a fuss, my breathing was all over the place and I thought at one stage I was going to by physically sick. I grunted and groaned so hard my throat was sore and dry at the end.

When I was released from the bench Mistress told me to leave it where it was, ‘I’ve not finished,’ she said.
An hour later I was over the bench again. This time no restraints. ‘Let’s see if you’ve learned some self control,’ she said.

 I got 12 more. Equally as hard – and really painful on top of an already sore bottom. I’ve never known my bottom sting for so long after being caned.

Afterwards Mistress admitted she had thoroughly enjoyed thrashing me and that she’d used a new technique with the cane – using less arm action and more wrist action. I don’t know where she came up with that idea because she’s not one for surfing the net and we don’t have any magazines or books on the subject. I have to say though, her caning technique certainly made an impression on me tonight.

On reflection I think tonight was another big step forward in our FLR. I saw a big change in Mistress tonight. She took none of my messing around and stuck to the task. That slightly frightens me, especially with my next maintenance punishment on Thursday but in another way I’m really happy with this development.

I’ve always thought that if this FLR is going to work then Mistress has to be a bit ruthless and lead the regime and I have to work harder to please her. Mistress is obviously doing just that. It’s just me not pulling my weight.

Mistress’ final words on the subject were: ‘You have four days to improve your performance or you’ll be getting extras again.’


  1. Hi Respecting Mistress:

    Maintenance punishments sound like a great idea. Mistress certainly sounds like she is getting into the swing of things. Congratulations on this new step forward in your FLR and best wishes to you both.

  2. Hi

    Sounds like you had a good time. Now that your partner is attending to your needs it is time to do something considerate for her.
    Maybe a nightly foot massage with a nice body cream which you will do every night for the rest of your life or do a chore which you know she hates, but do it well and tell her that it is now one of your duties.
    I am sure if you kick this off before Wednesday you will have another excellent session.
    Michael M