Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Explaining why I deserve punishment

I was catching up on some FLR blogs tonight and settled back to read some of the latest thoughts from Kathy at femdom101 – always a good source of topics. In her recent post ‘My Take – Punishments’ she talks about how to ensure punishment is effective, beyond the actual physical effect.

And I have to say these two paragraphs sounded like something that could enhance our current maintenance punishment sessions.

“At the end of a punishment session it is always a good idea to have your boy repeat back to you the reasons for his punishment. Liz (one of Kathy’s friends I believe) reminded me of having him do this in his own words. Sometimes a guy will just want to put his head down, and parrot back to you the reasons why he was punished. If your guy starts to do this, instruct him to respond it in his own words. Ask him questions. After a punishment session Liz will ask her husband if there is anything else that she needs to know about. In other words Liz will come out and ask her husband if there is anything else he did wrong that she is not yet aware of.

”Liz tells me that you would be absolutely surprised to hear how much her husband confesses to. As a general rule there is nothing really bad. Like John, her husband has been in a fem dom relationship for a number of years, and punishment occurs infrequently. Never the less she has learned to use a punishment session as a way of bringing her husband closer to her. She also uses the end of a punishment session as a time to cuddle and caress her husband. Liz tells me this puts him in a highly submissive type of mood.  She tells her husband that she wants to be proud of him. When he misbehaves it creates friction in their marriage.”

In our new regime, the punishment is purely for maintenance but, as I’ve said before, I think both of us realize that our busy schedule prohibit on-the-spot-punishment for rule breaking so this weekly session is a good way not only to remind me of my place, but also to remind me of my faults.

So maybe the way we could adopt Kathy’s idea is for Mistress and I to discuss my faults as they occur during the week and for me to explain what faults my maintenance punishment is to help eradicate.

So for example this week, I know I was at fault for not putting the rubbish bin out this week. I didn’t put the garden cuttings bin out either – as instructed. And I’ve been very slack in cleaning the house of late. So already the faults are toting up and that’s without Mistresses take on my behaviour. You could argue I shouldn’t need to cane to remind me of these faults. But, as I’ve said before, living in an FLR does help you regain a focus. It’s just that sometimes it takes a painful awakening to remember one’s place.


  1. interesting way of enhancing and driving home the purpose of a disciplinary spanking. Fortunately, we do strong spankings, but more as play.

  2. Hi
    We experimented with letters from me listing wrongdoings but they became a little fictional so we stopped. My wife also did not want the documents to be left out by mistake for someone else to find. She accepted my needs so the maintenance sessions are her gift to me. She decides on the tariff of strokes and I have to take what she wants to give. If I do something wrong in her eyes then this is dealt with on the day or pretty soon after. An instructional punishment can be anything from a household task to a switching or the wooden spoon.
    Last night, Wednesday, my wife was away from home and this weekend we have visitors. She sent a text yesterday evening which got the blood racing in my head, and in other parts. It said simply "Sorry to be away. I hope the house is cleaned up.Monday 24/5", so my maintenance spanking has moved to Monday with 5 instruments.
    Our regime is very rewarding.
    Have a good week.
    Michael M

  3. Red: Thanks for your comment. Disciplinary or play, the pain is still intense though eh?

    Michael M: Our maintenance sessions are working. Glad yours is too. As you say, the regime is rewarding.