Monday, 1 August 2011

Early morning caning

Maintenance punishments are harder to organise than we thought they would be. It took us until this Monday morning to find a suitable time when both of us were actually home or not busy when it should have taken place last Thursday.

So I’m sat here at the start of a couple of days off from work with a very warm bottom  - with the prospect of another dose booked for Thursday morning  - because Mistress and I are both away from lunchtime that day for a few days.

Today’s session should have been yesterday but – at my request - we put it off because there was so much work to be done and Mistress only decided we would reschedule for this morning while we were cuddling up in bed, thinking about getting up.

I was barely awake at around 7.00am when Mistress said, ‘I think you should have your punishment at 8.30am.’ I didn’t argue and went over the bench at the set time for the prescribed 36.

The thin Dragon isn’t nice and, even what I could tell were lighter strokes placed in the crease between my bottom cheek and the top of my thigh, stung like hell.

Kealah commented on our sessions that full force cane strokes on a regular basis might cause damage which got me thinking our idea of full force is obviously not the same as others though my punishments leave me sweating and breathing heavily so they are definitely painful enough to create an impression.

And while I have some vivid deep red marks, with some blacker stripes, it’s only after many strokes than my skin is ever grazed. And my marks do tend to fade quickly.

Kealah also said she feared that punishment strokes on top of these weekly maintenance sessions would be too much and questioned why the maintenance needs to be so severe.

There are three basic reasons for us adopting this regime: The first is to remind me who is actually in charge in the house and make sure I think of Mistress and not just myself (I’m basically a very selfish person).

The second is to stop me bratting. As I’ve said before I do reach a point occasionally when I have a really need for the cane and, consciously or sub-consciously begin to behave in a very negative manner in the house.

 Finally it is to take the pressure off both of us. In the past I’ve wanted the cane but not quite sure how to ask (hence the bratting) but there have been times too when Mistress has wanted to cane me but didn’t know if it was quite the right time. The agreement we have is that this is happening, one way or another.

A good example is this week. As I’ve said we’re both away on business – Mistress leaves Thursday lunchtime – so we’ve just discussed the plan for this week and agreed the next punishment will take place on Thursday morning.

It’s too early to say how this is all going to work out but I  think the answer is, as this past week has proved, is that what is currently termed maintenance will replace other punishment sessions.

Mistress and I discussed my general attitude yesterday and she picked up on some faults so this morning’s session wasn’t just punishment for the sake of it had some real meaning and I think, with our busy schedules, this routine of a weekly caning could easily become the prime measure to correct my faults.


  1. My thinking is that as long as there is no "nerve damage," then go for it!! Enjoy!!

    Loving your blogpost,


  2. Hi
    Good to hear that you had another successful session. As you say, despite the fact that each of you tries for a weekly session, events can often get in the way.
    My wife agreed that Wednesdays would be our maintenance spanking session and if that day was missed we would catch up on the following Monday. So, generally speaking, we succeed in having a session at least once every ten days. Where a postponed session takes place on a Monday then I also have to anticipate another one on the Wednesday and be in my place on time. My wife enjoys the power of sometimes cancelling this second session by telling me to get dressed and go away.
    When I am to be “punished” for a transgression then this will take place when time permits, usually at the weekend.
    Very occasionally my wife will give me a play spanking, usually with the bath brush, and this is often a spur of the moment thing leading to sex.
    Our maintenance sessions have gone on for quite a few years now and I always feel the benefit. They have built up to the point where I can take anything between 70 and 100 strokes with the different implements. My wife is happy to deal with me in this fashion and I notice sometimes that when she has had a bad day at the office she will take it out on me, so my sore bottom is a stress reliever for her as well.
    Good luck with your arrangements. Your blog should become very popular.
    Michael M

  3. senerrose4: That's what I was thinking. We'll see how things develop.

    MichaelM: It sounds like you live in a very strict relationship and suffer a fair bit. Delightful. There's something to relish in a woman who will just dismiss you when she knows all you want is to feel her cane again. Sometimes being denied is a much more effective punishment....But not so satisfying perhaps?