Thursday, 21 July 2011

Our first maintenance punishment

Our first maintenance punishment session was a simple affair. There was no need to discuss anything as all the talking had been done.

I think that once we get into a routine there will be more need to discuss my performance.

At 8.00pm precisely Mistress laid on the prescribed 36 strokes on my bare bottom, opting for the thin Dragon cane. I was told to count each stroke. There was no more than ten seconds between strokes.

Unusually, Mistress had me lay face down on the bed, with a leather footstool under my belly to raise my bottom. I therefore had to take my punishment without being secured. Normally I am punished over a bench, secured by wrist and feet.

Also unusually, I maintained position through the punishment. Some of the strokes burned and stung but on the whole I was able to soak them up without any fuss, although Mistress had to rebuke me early in the session for not counting quickly enough.

Afterwards Mistress informed me: “Think yourself lucky. That was very lenient. The stool raised your bottom too high so I was not able to cane as hard as normal. However, as this is the first such punishment I decided to be lenient but next Thursday you will go over the bench and we will ensure that these future sessions have a good degree of severity. After all, this is meant to be punishment and therefore you must suffer for it to have any effect.”

Mistress was right of course. And, as I said in my earlier post, it’s a little daunting to think that this is now a weekly routine and that tonight’s session was by no means anywhere near how Mistress intends me to suffer in future.

But this is good. The fact that Mistress is more than happy to deal with me in this way means so much. It will help reduce tensions that we both experience. It certainly reminds me who is in charge of the house. And it reaffirms our love for one another.


But tonight’s acquaintance with the cane wasn’t over. Mistress decided during the day that a couple of things I’d said – both times expressing negative thoughts – warranted punishment.

I earned seven strokes, which under the regime were working to, had to be applied separately, one hour after the maintenance punishment. We wrote this rule deliberately to keep the maintenance punishments separate from punishment for real faults.

This time I went over the bench and immediately felt the difference from the early session. This was more like the sort of caning I expect from Mistress. No nonsense, no mercy, full-blooded strokes.

Next Thursday is going to be very different. But first I’ve got to keep out of trouble until then.


  1. Lucky you - she's taking good care of you!

  2. my Wife does not fool around one bit when punishing me either!...Even when we are at "play"'s full holding matter what implements She chooses!...And yes...i do thank Her!

  3. So, you are up and running. I hope it works out for you. The 7 extras on the same day sounds like a tough regime. I hope that your wife sees the benefit of the weekly session.
    Michael M

  4. I think that maintenance spankings are a good idea and it sounds like this works well for your mistress and for you. But I have to admit that the plan for your new regime scares me as well. So, I hope that my comment doesn't come across as presumptuous, it just expresses a fear that came up when I read about your new regime.

    Like Bob (senorrose4) said in his comment on your post “Maintenance punishments“, I'm not sure whether your weekly spankings have to be severe punishment spankings every time?! As far as I understand it, you seem to have both desires, a desire for DD and a desire for erotic spanking as well. In your post “Maintenance punishments“ you wrote that the desire to be spanked comes up when everything goes well between the two of you. So, it seems to me that this is actually about an erotic desire that comes up when you feel close to the woman you love. And I don't see why this should require a punishment? Of course I'm not in a DD relationship, so I'm careful about making assumptions and suggestions. Do you think that having punishment spankings and erotic spankings as well doesn't go together?

    The reason why I'm asking is that I'm a bit scared about your plan of taking 36 full force cane strokes plus more punishment strokes for misdeeds each week. I know that men heal differently than women, but on the rare occasions when I have taken a 50 strokes full force caning, I took about 2-4 weeks to heal from the most obvious bruises and it took 3-6 months! before the different colouring of the skin was completely gone. Ludwig also took a long time to heal completely when he switched for very severe canings. I'm careful about making assumptions about what might or might not cause permanent damage, but I've been told from regular spankees that they have developed weak spots and I've heard of doctoral advice to take time to heal between particularly hard sessions. Maybe I'm over-cautious and maybe you are a very fast healer, in that case please feel free to forget what I just wrote. I just wanted to mention it in the hope that you won't suffer any harm.

  5. Hi - just so you know you are not alone it is now late afternoon on Tuesday and I am sitting here in my punishment pants waiting for my maintenance session. The cane, riding crop and paddle are all laid out on the bed and the tarrif my wife has set for this week is 36 with each implement. My wife should be home in about an hour and by that time I will have put myself in the corner with my hands on my head. As is customary during the wait, the blood is rushing round my head with the excitement and the dread, and the butterflies are in my stomach. I need this and want it but still cannot rationalise my submission.
    Micahel M

  6. We follow almost the same routine with one difference. I'm always restrained for punishment whippings so Mistress gives them to me first, then leaves me restrained for up to two hours to contemplate how much the 36 will hurt on top of the first whipping.


  7. Sorry it's taken so long to respond but thanks for all your comments.

    nordlicht-se: Yes, Mistress is taking care of me!

    k: It's good to know exactly where you are and these's no point in punishment if it's delivered half-hearted.

    Michael M: 36 strokes with each implement is some punishment. How often do these take place and are they always as severe? In the light of Kealah's comments above I'd be interested to know how often others undergo maintenance sessions - and how severe they actually are.

    Leigh: So you get two sessions of 36? And stay restrained for the full two hours or so? I'd be interested to hear more about your routine too.

    Kealah: Totally respect your views. We are always mindful of any permanent damage excessive cane strokes can cause. Why the severity? Because it has to be painful for it to have any effect. The aims are three-fold - one to keep me on my toes and just remind me to think not only of myself. I'm inhernetly selfish. Two, to take pressure of both of us. With this regime we know what is expected of us both. And three, it curbs any build up of tension when I have that 'need' to feel the cane so there's much less (hopefully none at all) chance of me 'bratting' with bad behaviour that upsets Mistress. I'm just about to post a more detailed repsonse on the blog.