Sunday, 17 July 2011

New 'Maintenance Punishment' regime

Mistress and I discussed the issues affecting the FLR side of our lives and we have both agreed we need some kind of consistency to our regime.

It works perfectly some of the time but when we have been apart for a while, due to our working lives, the whole thing starts to get a bit slack – mainly on my side I have to humbly admit. Faults we agreed that will be addressed by the use of corporal punishment go unpunished. And too often, even when Mistress suggests a need for corrective measures, I find excuses not to be punished. Furthermore it is imperative for us both that I stop my ‘bratting’ behaviour when I feel a new for CP.

We therefore have agreed to try a different tact and instigate a weekly maintenance punishment session, something suggested by Michael M in a comment on one of my recent blogs. Thank you Michael for your suggestion.

Mistress and I both agree that this could be a positive step for our FLR.

We’ve no idea whether it will work any better than our previous efforts but it’s worth trailing for a period of two months.

Mistress asked me to draw up a discussion document which I present here for your comments. From this we’ll finalise and agreement and implement it immediately.

The aim:
The aim is to reaffirm the dominant/submissive relationship we have.
And to ensure I maintain the correct attitude within the house, ensuring the Mistress is always afforded the respect and servitude that is expected in our flr.

Why the need?
To prevent any build up of tension between us and to stop the practice of me trying to encourage Mistress to use corporal punishment.
This punishment is not for any particular fault(s) but purely for the purpose of maintenance.

The procedure:
As we have discussed the regular day and time will be each Thursday at 8.00pm but as both of us have busy work schedules we will also agree that at the start of every week we will check our respective diaries and finalise the day and time for the routine, weekly punishment session. This punishment tariff is a set at 36 strokes of the cane, delivered full force at a pace of no more than 10s between strokes. The cane to be used is a Dragon (Mistress decides which to be used but cannot mix two type). If punishment cannot be delivered at the specified day and time, it is carried out on the next most convenient day. If punishment has to be carried over to the following week and a double dose delivered in full (72 strokes), one hour separating the two punishments.

The advantages of maintenance punishment:
It sets a weekly routine that has to be adhered to
It does away with any negotiation process
It removes the burden from the dominant partner to know when to punish
It helps focus the roles we have
It ends any craving for punishment and therefore stops any deliberate efforts to be punished
We both know exactly where we stand

The disadvantages of maintenance punishment:
The pressure of adhering to a strict, weekly deadline

What about punishment for real faults?
Real faults will still be subjected to correction by means of corporal punishment and will be administered as Mistress sees fit but will not form part of the routine maintenance punishment. If Mistress feels it necessary to address any faults on the day of the routine maintenance punishment, then a further punishment can be administered one hour after the maintenance session. However, with regular maintenance the intention is to encourage a more submissive attitude and improved behaviour thereby reducing the amounts of faults that need correction.


  1. Hi

    This sounds like a winning plan and I am sure things will work out well for you.

    36 strokes of the cane on a bottom, which has not been warmed up beforehand, will certainly grab your attention if they are full force.

    The certainty of your getting a thrashing should be beneficial to both of you. Then when you get a punishment spanking it can be given promptly with whatever instrument is close to hand and if it turns out not be so punishing, your wife can add extra strokes of the cane in the next maintenance session.

    We keep a variety of instruments and pervertables downstairs, as well a hairbrush, and whenever I have done something silly or stupid I will be spanked with one of these as quick retribution. Some of the downstairs instruments are pretty serious stuff and include a Spencer type paddle in the coat cupboard and a riding crop in the umbrella stand.
    My wife appreciates the fact that my general behaviour and attitude is much improved over the years since I asked her if I could become the submissive partner.

    Best wishes and I hope you don’t get too many 72’s. Don’t forget to plan ahead for the vacation weeks. I made a nylon cane which can be inserted into our suitcase so it appears to be a part of the framing and does not look out of place in an airport scanning device. When this is used in our hotel room my wife takes extra delight in striking the tops of my thighs a few times so that red lines appear below my swim shorts. Not cool.

    Michael M

  2. Hi Michael: Thanks for your comments and inspiration. We've never used any warm-up procedures since we've always thought of this as punishment and, even before we got serious about this FLR regime, Mistress always tended to cane me 'cold.' It certainly does get the attention as you say.

    We decided on 36 because Mistress knows I can just about take 24 and the whole idea of this is to act as a 'deterrent' and help keep me on my toes so to speak. Not sure about extras that you suggest though.... But of course you are right, they might be neccessary.

    Your wife sounds a very strict lady and I feel for you getting the nylon cane across the tops of your thighs and then being on the beach! We've taken canes with us in the suitcase for weekends away but, to be honest, we're always deterred by the noise.

    Any more comments you have on this subject or linked to our respective FLR's will be greatfully received.

  3. RM - I hope the weekly sessions work out for you. It is always a problem finding the right balance where your mistress has the control over your performance that she requires but it is not so rigid that it is doomed to failure. Good luck.


  4. Hi again
    I think that you will both enjoy what you have just started. My wife took a long time getting into punishing me when I first declared that I wished to be the submissive. Initially the spankings and canings came thick and fast but then, once I was behaving well, things went quiet on the discipline front.
    My regular bottom roastings keep me sane and they give my wife a chance to take out her work issues on me. I sometimes wonder if she is imagining caning someone else.
    I am travelling at the moment so it looks like Thursday before I will be standing in my corner witing for her to come home.
    Have fun this week with your first session.
    Michael M