Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Caned – but not the outstanding debt

I got a dose of the cane at the weekend, for being in bed once Mistress had got up. I stayed laying there once Mistress had jumped out of bed but imagine my surprise when she came back in the bedroom with the thin Dragon.

She pulled back the covers and told me to “lie face down,” and launched an attack on my bottom. Three sets of 10 rapid fire. That woke me up.

She left the room and came back with the thick Dragon and small tawse. I looked over my shoulder to see her wielding the thick cane. I only watched the one stroke. Lovely as she looked, the sheer power of the stroke was too much to watch. I buried my face into the pillow and concentrated on trying not to make a fuss. I think I took about 18. Then came the tawse and the annoying intense sting that the very tip induced. About 18 of those too.

Then she fetched the bath brush for a final flourish of about a doze sold thwacks.

“Now perhaps you’ll make sure you get up before me in future,” she said and went downstairs. I needed no further encouragement.

I was shocked to look in the mirror and see two very deep red cheeks with thick black weals. Shocked because normally even after a severe caning my bottom is usually swollen but a deep shade of pink. Has anyone else noticed a difference in marks between bending with the buttocks taut, to laying flat with the buttocks relaxed?

We talked about the session over breakfast and it was made clear this wasn’t the outstanding punishment I am owed but merely a quick reminder than I’m meant to be first out of bed to hand Mistress her dressing gown before she gets up. “Oh no, that punishment you have coming will be far more severe,” she promised.

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