Friday, 27 May 2011

The unspoken word

Following on from my last post, 'No let up in new regime,'  it feels like this post should be entitled, 'Let up in new regime.'

Mistress is away on business now for a few days – but then I’m on a business trip, the very day she is due home. We’ll be apart for two weeks.

Yesterday I was expecting a serious dose of the cane. There had been a couple of incidents – both when we were out shopping, both times just me horsing around, mimicking her accent. Sometimes this is okay. Yesterday it was in a bad taste because not only was I mimicking her accent, I corrected Mistress on a couple of mistakes.

She wasn’t happy. One of our golden rules is ‘Never Question Mistress’, so my questioning what she was saying, didn’t go down well. And, knowing that Mistress likes to leave me with a collection of marks, whenever we’re apart, I fully expected to worst.

I know that sounds like I was deliberately asking for it, but far from it. We were in high spirits and having a good laugh. I just overstepped the mark and, expected to pay for it later.

However, nothing happened. We were both otherwise occupied until we went to bed. So once snuggled in bed, I broached the question…

“I expected you to punish me then evening after the incident out shopping.”

“Yes, I intended to but I could see you were very busy with work and I thought that would be more important. Besides, you never showed any inkling of interest in being beaten tonight.”

I’d expected it – punishment that is. Wound myself up to face it. But I’ve been desperately trying to be a good submissive and no longer try to top from the bottom and allow Mistress to 100% control in our relationship.

It’s been working really well. I’ve noted some of the punishments in my blog but I’ve also had a couple of paddlings this past week – all instigated by Mistress. The punishments are painful but I like Mistress having that control over me. And, if I’m honest, it adds something special, having to be on my toes at all times.

I just read about Newports.sub’s latest punishment, brought on by his complacency – over an issue he wasn’t even aware was an issue. It illustrated to me just how much us sub males living within an flr framework, with very intuitive ladies, have to be aware of all situations.

I asked Mistress what she meant by, “interest in being beaten tonight.”

“You have a way of behaving when you are feeling the need for me to beat you,” she said.

I pointed out my days of bratting are over, to which she responded, “I know that, but I can tell from the way you say things and the way you behave, if you are in need of a good beating. Sometimes I like to oblige, sometimes I don’t and sometimes I just want to beat you because you deserve it, whether you like it or not.”
And there are times when perhaps I deserve to be beaten but Mistress is simply not interested in carrying it out. I can live with that.

Mistress did however add: “In future, if you feel you should be punished then it is up to you to tell me. I’m not saying I will oblige but it’s no good you sitting there all evening, hoping I’m going to beat you and then going to bed, saying how frustrated you were that nothing happened.”

We also  talked briefly about the need to pick the pace back up in our ‘regime’ when we finally get some quality time together again. It’s something to look forward to. Mistress mentioned she’s feeling a need to be a lot stricter.


  1. RM - It is tough to find out you crossed the line when you didn't even know the line was there. In my case Newport and I had a great day the day before my punishment and things were fine. The situation changed in a hurry and as I said in my blog, Newport certainly had the authority to punish me.

    I hope the time passes quickly for you on the business trip and you and Mistress can get some quality time together.


  2. Wow, Newports. sub, to be FAIR to you, your Mistress should warn you and set aside more "concrete" guidelines for you!! Why should you be punished when you can't even "see" that coming??? ( Not wishing to be critical, but simply trying to UNDERSTAND lol)

    Love your blog,