Wednesday, 11 May 2011

No let up in new regime

Mistress arrived home late tonight. I was upstairs and didn’t even hear her car pull up. The first I heard was, “right, bring a cane down with you now!”

We really are in a ‘no messing around’ situation at the moment. Mistress expects me to greet her at the door. I was upstairs on the computer. She had already unloaded the car by the time it registered she was in the house. Big mistake

But truthfully, I was half expecting another punishment tonight after raising my voice (ever so slightly) in a discussion with Mistress the previous evening. There was no hint of anger or anything, merely me being a male and expecting my voice to be heard. Okay in the workplace. Not okay at home when Mistress is in charge. We had visitors at the time – but her raised eyebrows were enough to remind me of my place.
So despite the marks still plainly visible from the weekend’s sessions, and grazes still not fully healed, Mistress caned me again tonight.

It wasn’t anything too severe but the fact she gave me 18 without any real breaks showed she that the strict weekend regime wasn’t a one-off. I was glad when she finally stopped. I later got a couple of batches of 12, just bench over a footstool, but only light taps in quick succession, which were more a threat of what could be if I stepped out of line any more.

Mistress said I had better blog this now because I’m not going to have any free time tomorrow. That worries me. But she also asked me if I was bored with being caned, and whether I thought it was achieving the goal of improving my attitude.

I’m certainly not bored. But I do have questions – like will being caned regularly cause any long-term damage to my poor bottom cheeks? Will Mistress get bored - especially if she sees no immediate change in my behaviour? Is this regime really improving my attitude? Or is this just one big game we’re playing?

It almost feels like a game – but then I don’t want it to. Maybe there’s not enough formality – just fetch the cane, bend over and suffer. But we both talked it through and that kind of instant correction seemed the way forward where possible. More formality might turn the whole thing back into role play games. I don’t think either of us want that.

Is it real punishment? It feels like it when I have to kneel down after and get lectured on how to behave in future. But it never feels strict enough but then can it when we’re in such a loving relationship and having fun the majority of time (apart from when punishment sessions are required!). So do I expect too much? Does Mistress expect too much?

I’m not sure what we’re doing changes my attitude either but we’ve only hit this new level of severity in the past few days so maybe it’s too early to analyse. Maybe there’s no need to analyse anything as both of us are happy living like this.

I harp back to the weekend and Mistress telling me she’s not so much annoyed by some on my quirks – as frustrated. Caning me helps ease that frustration – as well as make me realise of how my behaviour frustrates her. So that’s all good surely?

It’s been interesting how people have kindly commented on some of my punishment posts on this blog. But I get a feeling that some are surprised by the severity at times. I’m worried I’m painting the wrong picture of our relationship. Maybe I should explain that it’s 100% a loving, caring friendship but, thanks to me requesting some discipline in our relationship, I get punished.

Like the old adage goes, ‘be careful for what you wish for,’ and Mistress is only following a lead I suggested. Never in my wildest dream could I have imagined I’d be living a lifestyle where corporal punishment is used regularly in our home as a means of correcting my errors – or that Mistress would embrace it with such enthusiasm.

That fact that Mistress is driving this side of our relationship only adds to the beauty of us being together. Maybe it’s best to stop analysing and fully accept what is happening here. 


  1. It seems that you are both on a roll.
    You should not suffer permanent damage from your beatings. It is not like you are receiving judicial punishments with a Singapore cane.
    I receive the cane nearly twice a week and so far the effects have been only beneficial. My wife thinks that paddling and caning have a positive result in keeping my butt in shape.
    I hope that your relationship keeps going. You will probably find that your partner enjoys having the new you around.
    Michael M

  2. Thanks Michael. Would be interested to hear a litle more about your regime. I'm sure I'd be caned twice a week if we spent more time in the house together and not out on the the road working! Our relationship is indeed good and yes, Mistress likes it when I'm paying attention to her and to my chores

  3. RS-
    I think you answered your own question (LOL):
    "Maybe it's best to stop analysing and fully accept what is happening here".

    Best of Luck, my Friend!