Friday, 29 April 2011


Finally we have our paddle collection – which, in truth, we’ve only just started to really to get the best of.
Bottom of the picture is an absolutely beautifully crafted three-tailed ‘Trident Paddle’ from MC Customs in Scotland and bearing the logo ‘M Campbell Maker Refrewshire’, embossed into the leather.

It’s 18” long, with the tails being 11” long and at 6mm thick is double thickness harness leather. It packs a really good sting and Mistress loves laying it on hard and the only reason I can think we don’t use it more is that it simply makes one hell of a crack when it connects with my bare bottom! Not ideal when you live in a semi-detatched house.

The little black two-tailed tawse (15” long, with 10” tails and 5mm thick leather) above it was bought to fit into Mistresses handbag so we could take it with us on weekend trips away. But it’s so ineffective, it’s largely redundant .Might make a good tool across the palms and soles of the feet though…. Neither of us had thought of that before!

The paddle above it is an old Jokari bat – they used to be available in pairs with a small hard rubber ball and used as a tennis-type game in the garden apparently. As a spanking paddle it’s a serious bit of kit, made from 8mm thick plywood and neatly 15” long. It’s a heavyweight whack applied with force, but like the leather paddle, makes a right noise.

Next up is a rather lovely leather paddle made by Quality Control which we bought at the London Fetish Fair last year. It’s just over 13” long but double thickness harness leather and 10mm thick. When we bought it, it felt very stiff, almost wood-like but because the weight is all in the business end, it’s got real flexibility in what you’d term the shaft but the head that impacts on your fleshy bottom cheeks has absolutely no give at all. Its packs a really stingy, thuddy punch and Mistress loves using it. It’s not my friend but I have to say it is rather a pleasure to suffer it.

Finally the bath brush. Definitely not my friend but Mistress adores it. We bought it in Boots chemist only a few weeks back and the one beating I’ve had from it so far wasn’t nice. It’s only 14” long but 15mm thick beech (I think) and produces a hellish sting that I find really hard to take (I blogged about this at the time).

However, it’s salutary effective has led to discussion here about whether we need something even more effective, a proper US-style paddle in the arsenal – something along the lines of a Spencer paddle, an implement if used in conjunction with Dorothy Spencer’s 1936 Spencer spanking plan is said to underpin the whole ethos of a female-led relationship. Assuming the document is real of course.

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  1. Great collection!

    And I am sure that Ms. Spencer was definitely a real person. One way ahead of her time. Even though it was a different 'Spencer' who developed the paddle.

    Its interesting to me the association with the US and paddlings and the UK with canes.

    Luckily, we can 'enjoy' being disciplined by both from our Ladies!