Friday, 29 April 2011

Our cane collection (1)

With Mistress away, the chores up together and my own work done, I was tidying our ‘special wardrobe’ earlier and laid our corporal punishment collection out to take some pictures. And thought I thought, why not explain a little about them though the blog?

I’ve done four separate blogs to cover all the different types of percussion instruments we have in our home…..

This straight-handled cane collection gets the most use. The two with the leopard skin handles are from Quality Control and are Dragon canes. They are the most feared by me in the collection and the ones Mistress like using the most.

The thinnest one (34” long x 7mm thick) stings like hell and is, with little doubt, the most effective punishment tool we have. Mistress knows how much it hurts so tends to choose this one when she feels I need some serious correction.

The thickest Dragon (40” long x 10mm thick) has a deep thud and Mistress likes to use it for prolonged punishment canings where it’s less inclined to graze than the thinner one.

Next up are three rattan canes from Coventry Canes (7mm, 9mm and 12mm – all 32” long), bought via their e-bay shop. They don’t have that classy finish of the Quality Control canes but they are well made and very durable.

We bought all of these canes about the same time six years ago when we first started on this road and they have all had plenty of use and we would recommend either company.

The thickest of the Coventry Canes is a beast. It’s shorter and I just think that Mistress finds it easier to use harder than all the longer canes so punishment with that is as effective – or even more effective than the thick Dragon.

The thinner canes are the same length as the thin Dragon and don’t even come close in terms or sting or after burn.

The pink-handled cane was from a longer Cane-Iac cane that broke. We bound a handle using foam and pink ribbon and intended to use it as an OTK cane but it’s not been used since.

The top cane is 37” long x 10mm thick and quite dense and not very flexible either. I bought years and years ago but can’t remember when and I’ve no idea of the material. It’s got a rather dead feeling to use - and to receive – so consequently we’ve never really used it for more than the odd stroke when we first started down this road.


  1. RM - Nice collection of canes. I can picture you and Mistress in a marathon session with all 11 canes.


  2. Very nice. Her Majesty prefers the ones with the straight handles. Our collection looks much like the middle three you have depicted here with the black and red handles. Are those from Adam and Gillian's Whips and Toys by any chance?

  3. You have a good collection. It is interesting to think about how they differ in sting and severity as your mistress canes your bare bottom.