Saturday, 9 April 2011

Mistress exerting authority

Mistress doesn’t do bad moods. Never in the time I’ve known her. Normally she’s a really happy, loving, tender person but this past week something is different.

Mistress is asserting herself in a way I’ve not experienced it before. I f we didn’t have this flr regime I’d probably be a worried man but, for once, I’ve worked out what she’s doing. She’s showing my in no uncertain terms what she expects from me.

As you know, I’ve been caned a couple of times in past week and I don’t think it’s the last I’ve seen of the whippy rods for a while. On the contrary, every little area I’m lacking is being picked up.

My office is off the side of the house and I’ve been working late on a project for several nights. Thursday night I got a text. ‘You have a task to complete.’

I read it, took in the message and knew I had the washing up to do and the kitchen to tidy before I went to bed – very late.

Yestarday morning we both woke. I was randy as hell and made approaches to Mistress, only to be rebuffed. ‘Go away, I’m very unhappy with you. You got my text.’

It wasn’t a question, it was a statement of fact. I said yes, and pointed out that I’d done the washing up, tidied up the mess in the kitchen and done some other bits and bobs too.

‘I’m talking about you washing my back.’

My heart sank. How could I be so stupid? I remember the last thing before going out to my office, Mistress had said she was taking a bath and expected me to wash her back.

I tried to console her with a hug but was rebuffed again. ‘Don’t even think of sex. You are going to have to earn it from now on….and you are going to work very hard to persuade me you deserve it.’

We’ve never done chastity. The thought of being locked up fascinates me and I find it slightly amusing how, SB in his blog ‘Serving B, has been trying to muster some sympathy for being locked up.

I’m not locked up but I’m wishing I was. Since my faux pas and our subsequent ‘chat’, Mistress has done nothing but tease me. Especially in bed: She very deft with her toes and I’ll be lying in bed and suddenly get her thigh across my nether regions, and clamp my penis between her thigh and calf.  She’ll tap my balls with her foot, and then massage me and then roll over chuckling. Oh the ache! Imagine, poor SB is doing 40 days of denial!

But we love it - don’t we? It’s bizarre but I kind of like it when Mistress denies me. I derive some deep inner satisfaction when she exercises that kind of control. There’s something rather intoxicating about having your lovely partner totally dominate you.

What I’m more worried about now is another round of punishment on my still bruised bottom. The way things are, it’s a given. The reason I’m so worried is that rather than risk adding more grazes with the cane, she might opt for the bath brush and it’s more bruising effect. My initiation with it hurt like hell and I’m honestly a bit scared she might use it again.

There’s certainly no let up in Mistresses new found authority. I got lectured in bed again this morning. Things in the housed not tidy. Not enough attention being paid to Mistress. My faults are many.

Mistress is out all day today visiting friends but warned me that everything had better be ship-shape when she returns – and she’s expecting tea on the table. She’s also warned me that tomorrow I am devoting the entire day to her.

Would I do anything else Mistress?

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  1. RM - sounds like you and ServingB are travelling along the same path lately. Glad to read about your progress