Thursday, 28 April 2011

In need of the cane

Mistress and I have barely seen each other four a couple of weeks. We’ve been that busy with work. If I’m home, she’s away and vice versa. Our flr isn’t falling apart. It’s just non existent right now because we’re not in each other’s company long enough to even think about it. It’s not ideal but that’s how things are. We have to work and, if I’m honest, I’m feeling pretty stressed and under pressure. And I know Mistress is too.

The little time we’re together, we spend catching up on routine stuff interspersed with lots of kisses and cuddles. I try my best to ease her burden by looking after the house and cooking but it’s not ideal and I know I’ve been coming up short, simply because my focus has to be elsewhere right now.

I’ve just finished working late at home. Mistress is away on business. I decided to catch up on some personal e-mails and ended up surfing for half an hour when really I should be in bed. 

I’ve watched a few really severe caning clips, it’s only now made me realise that the stress I’ve been feeling probably could be alleviated by a simple thrashing.

Does anyone else find that punishment isn’t just a small part of an flr but actually eases the stress of everyday life? It does for me and Mistress recently surprised me on this very subject. She caned me when I got in from work – for something I’d done wrong anyway - but admitted later it purged some of her frustrations from earlier in the day.

I wonder whether my natural masochistic tendencies are triggered by some subliminal message and then the frustrations build until finally the release comes in the form of punishment. Or whether work becomes so intense my masochistic tendencies are somehow triggered as a ‘pleasurable’ safety valve to override those stresses.

I know I’m probably talking nonsense but even writing this is good therapy and the fact remains, my recent lack of acquaintance with the cane is giving the fantasy element in my brain a serious workout.

If Mistress was here right now I’d be begging her to beat me without mercy with our Dragon cane. But if Mistress was here right now and was flexing the Dragon cane in front of me, telling me to bend over the bench, I’d probably be doing everything I could to persuade her not to beat me.

Now where is the sense in all of that?


  1. RM - Newport and I are lucky to be able to spend most of our time together and we average about 3 corporal sessions a week. If life intervenes and we go a week without a session I get antsy. Corporal helps bring balance to our relationship.

    Hang in there, your time will come.


  2. Three sessions a week? That's a healthy, work/life/corporal balance (lol)! Seriously, I agree about the balance. As I've said before, having that sanction always there just adds some focus to everything and, like you've said, is a great stress reliever for us both.

  3. Hi RM:

    You are not talking nonsense at all. You are speaking the truth and making perceptive observations. Corporal punishment is something I crave and is a tremendous stress reliever. You, Newport and I are wired alike in this regard as are many others of our kind I would venture to guess.

    I can relate to your busy schedule and the lack of time to play in your relationship. Her Majesty and I often go through long periods like that. Hang in there brother. If it's any consolation the patient waiting and anticipation only make the final release all the sweeter! ;-)