Friday, 29 April 2011

Crop, birch and whip

The riding crop is by far Mistresses favourite tool. We bought it from Quality Control and it’s beautifully made and bears a ‘County, Made in England’ logo on the tab. It’s 28” long, and the shaft tapers from 10mm at the business end to 13mm. It’s also incredibly flexible – leather plaited over some kind of flexy shaft.

When it arrived I was so frightened by it. My thought was that if it was designed to get a message through the skin of a horse, what damage would it do to me? But Mistress uses this absolutely full force on me and though it hurts, it’s not got the stinging venom of a cane.

What I find is that is the stroke makes a loud whacking nose when it lands, the sting of the tab connected dead square on flesh is okay. If it doesn’t connect dead flat, it’s more of a thud and no real noise.
It’s now used more for pleasure by Mistress than a real tool of correction.

The collection of thin rattan above it is from Canes 4 Pain in the States. It’s 24” long and consists of 15 4mm thick strands, tipped in some kind of purple plastic coating at the business end and bound together in neat handle. It needs soaking before had to add some weight and delivers a nice stinging sensation but we don’t tend to use it much anymore.

I love the Canes 4 Pain website though – so many lovely toys.

Finally the top item is a rather aptly name ‘Wicked’ from Cane-Iac in the States and consists of four strands of hard plastic tube, bound into a handle. It’s 21” long and the four tubes are each 7mm diameter. It gives a good stinging sensation but it’s not one of Mistress or my favourites.

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  1. Hi RM:

    I have fond memories of our first riding crop. After I confessed my submissive desires to Her Majesty she said she would only whip me if I went out and bought her a "real whip". I bought her a riding crop from a store in the East Village in NYC. One night she made me kneel before her and lick her high heeled pumps clean while she beat me black blue and purple with it. The marks lasted for a solid week. It was our first corporal session and one of my dearest memories.