Friday, 8 April 2011

Caned over lunch

Lunchtime yesterday I reminded /mistress of the outstanding punishment I was due.

Did I really want to be caned again so soon after my weekend thrashing? Of course not. My bottom was still sore and bruised.

Did I deserve to be caned again so soon after my last thrashing? Absolutely.

I’ll explain why.

Mistress and I had been horsing around on Monday night. Play fighting, throwing banter in the form of playful insults at one another. I know at our age we should know better than act like teenagers but it was all good harmless fun. Until I put my big foot in it.

Mistress made some quip about our sex life and without thinking I responded with something like, ‘sex life, what sex life? I can’t remember.’

Mistress stopped in her tracks and with a face like thunder said, ‘how dare you? I think you need a good thrashing for a comment like that.’

I had overstepped the mark by quite a long way – and the comment was plainly untrue. I can’t believe how good a sex life we have.

This was Sunday night, about 11.00pm and we were on our way to bed. ‘You will pay for that comment,’ I was warned.

Typically, stuff got in the way and the punishment didn’t happen until Thursday and obviously the sting had gone from Mistresses anger by then. But she still caned me very hard using our crook-handled school cane. It’s a bit less cutting than the thin Dragon but delivers a unique sting as well as a thud – so it’s very effective.
If I’m honest, it’s my favourite. It’s the one cane we have that I really derive a deep sense of pleasure from each stroke. The stinging thud is followed by a really intense burn that seems to last much longer than any other cane we own.

But this caning wasn’t exactly pleasurable. To enjoy the burn the strokes have to be delivered and good intervals and Mistress obviously knew this so I copped several batches of ten at a time, really fast paced that had me writing around, even though I was over the bench. And then Mistress did something she’s never done before – she laid several strokes right on the crease between my thighs and buttocks. That aptly named sit-spot. Normally she likes to aply the strokes to my bottom cheeks. This was pure hell to take.

'I was running out of space so I thought I'd place a few there,' she said later. 'I thought you needed to suffer a bit more than normal. I must do that more in future.'

I wish we had photos because the fleshy part of my bottom cheeks were raised up and white with the large number of strokes while there were deep red angry weals along the sit-spot.

As punishment, it was a pretty effective episode.


  1. RM - It sounds like your rear has been getting quite a workout. It's funny how easy it is to get into trouble for a passing comment. I hope all is forgiven after the caning. At least she didn't wash your mouth out with soap(lol).


  2. Well, I guess you'll learn the "hard" way that your Mistress does NOT have an "unlimited" sense of humor!!! Too bad for you that she "learned a lesson" too--to in"crease" your pain by caning your "crease"!!! BTW, if she had punished you Sunday night, hot with anger, you might have needed a "butt transplant" (quote attributed to Niko)!! lol ( might be time to "invest" in a safeword????????) LOL

    I enjoy your blog! Thanks!


  3. Newports.sub: Please don't even suggest the idea of mouthwashing with soap. That's surely a punishment too far? If Mistress reads this and implmenets the idea, I'll personally blame you (lol).

    senorrose4: I think you are right. If the punihsment had been on Sunday night it might have been with more severity but to say Mistress would be hot with anger would probably be a bit wide of the mark. She's very controlled when it comes down to administering punishment. And very accurate. I like the suggestion of a safeword (lol) but we disucussed that from the outset and decided it's Mistress who controls things in this house. She's smart enough to know if I'm really in serious distress - over and above the pain from the cane.