Friday, 29 April 2011

Cane collection 2

As you can see, these are our crook-handled canes. Mistress isn’t a great fan of these because she’s never comfortable with the crook part of the handle and prefers to use straight handle canes.

Being a scholar of historical disciplinary methods I used to be fixated by the sight of a crook-handled cane but these days I’m more in favour of straight handle canes too although I do have one cane in this collection that’s close to me heart..

The bottom one was the first cane I ever bought, maybe 15 years ago in the hope that my former wife might entertain my fantasies. It never got used until Mistress and I began our journey of corporal punishment together.

Although Mistress isn’t a fan of this cane, I adore it. It’s heavy enough to give quite a thud on impact but then the sting is delicious, with a nice warm after glow. It’s altogether organic and something to savour where the thin Dragon is a vicious sting and the thick Dragon is an equally vicious thud.

Without doubt, this cane (36” long x 11mm thick) takes me to places I want to be and the trouble is, when we’ve used this is prolonged sessions when we used to just play ‘spanking games’, it was hard to know when to stop!

The darker cane is a Smoked Dragon (32” long x 12mm) from Coventry Canes. Being a Dragon, it barely flexes and whacks down with one hell of a thud but rarely gets used as  Mistress prefers the straight handled Dragons.

The other two are also from Coventry Canes (32” long x 7mm and 5mm respectively). I personally don’t like the grey-ish looking finish of this rattan but I love their swishy qualities. Mistress finds them hard to control – they tend to spin in her hand – which is why the thinnest one has a grip we made of foam and pink ribbon.

Mistress likes using this when she’s in what I can only term (at my peril if she reads this) a frivolous mood  - laying on large numbers of strokes at a rapid pace and laughing as I squirm around. The strokes are not hard, and barely raise a weal, but the sting is incredible when there’s no respite. I have a love-hate relationship with these two canes!


  1. Quite agree with you about crook-handled canes. Their only point is if you havde to hang them up. Otherwise straight canes - prefereably slender and young - are much better - better balance for one thing. charles

  2. Mind you, once I get onto the subject of canes it is hard to stop. There is so much variety to them. Yes, they all make the same lovely sound, both when cutting through the air, and when they strike. But the effects on the victim are so various. So many subtle differences in thei pain. Such variety in their fear. And, of course, such a difference between receiving the cane untethered, and undergoing a caning when spread, bent, and tethered. charles