Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday best – with the cane

It’s been an uplifting day – a day my Mistress re-asserted her authority on our household. And I couldn’t be happier

I’ve washed up the dinner things, made Mistress a cup of tea and been instructed to write up the rest of the day’s proceedings.

As I said in my earlier post, I’d been promised more discipline once we got back home from our shopping break this morning and I can’t say I’ve been disappointed.

Mistress instructed me that there would be no chance of pleading for mercy or wriggling out of the inevitable on any grounds what so ever.

The premise for punishment was simple. I was overdue correction. There have been countless lapses in recent week that have gone unpunished and I needed to be brought back in line. I couldn’t disagree.

We had to pick a few things up at the supermarket for lunch and when we got home I was immediately told to get up stairs, get changed and return with two canes: the thin Dragon and the crook-handled school cane.
In truth I had been dreading this moment. Oh yes, I’d tasted the bath brush only a few days earlier and my bottom was still sore but I knew only too well the venom of a full caning and, if I’m honest, I was scared.
In fact I’ve been worried about this happening for a few weeks now. It’s strange me, the masochist, the one with all the enthusiasm for the cane and to live an flr. But the fact is the dynamic has been gradually changing in our household and I’m definitely no longer topping from the bottom.

I actually started to feel quite ill when were on our way home because I knew once inside the front door, there was no escape. You know, that horrible ache in the pit of your stomach that make you think you may need to run to the toilet? And my heart was pumping like crazy.

Getting changed means wearing a pair of pvc or rubber bloomers. I find them humiliating to wear but they a necessity – in that they can be peeled down to reveal my bare bottom while leaving my genitals covered to avoid any ‘dribbles’ onto the carpet.

Wearing a shiny black pvc or rubber raincoat is also part of my punishment uniform. I’ve had a life long fascination with rubber and pvc wear and the raincoat has always been part of my uniform since we played CP games. The raincoat is one tiny pleasure in this painful procedure because once that is buttoned and belted and the skirt is straightened, I know it’s time to go downstairs to present the canes to Mistress. The raincoat is all a bit superfluous really. I only wear it briefly while being lectured for my faults and then comes the instruction: ‘Get your raincoat off and bend over the bench.’ I suppose it's all part of the humility. I mean, no matter how good it feels to wear, I'm also well aware how incongorous it must look for a middle-ages man to be dressed in a ladies' shiny pvc coat!

It’s been so long since I’ve been caned hard and I admit I suffered. So much that I was pleading to stop after 12 of the Dragon that has such an intense bite. It’s fortunate I am secured to the bench. I’ve no idea how some of you take a beating without it. I wish I could show the same fortitude and understand how much pleasure so of you must derived by remaining in position for your mistresses without the need for bonds.
I was simply told that no matter how much pleading I did, today I was going to learn just how severe Mistress intended to be with me in future.

After the cane I was released to fetch the bath brush and then had to bend over the end of the settee to take a couple of dozen. To be honest, after the Dragon, the bath brush didn’t seem so intense as it did on Thursday but I got the feeling Mistress was being slightly conservative with her strokes.

She certainly wasn’t with the cane later in the day. Between household chores and cooking Sunday lunch I went over the bench twice more for extended doses of the cane, Mistress finishing with a slowly administered 30 strokes of our thick Dragon, which, if I’m honest, was actually deeply pleasurable –albeit still a big challenge to take without too much fuss.

Overall it was a very intense day. But one of immense satisfaction and, dare I say it, love.
And afterwards mistress admitted she took great please in punishing me because, in her words, ‘it put me back in my place.’

It certainly did. The one thing I noticed was how nervous I was about it before we started. And once it started, my nervousness proved well-founded. But I suppose that’s the point. A few months ago when we played CP games it was literally that, games to look forward to. Now the dynamic has changed and it is something to be apprehensive about.

I won’t say it’s fear as such, because I love and trust my partner, but I think I’m well within my rights to feel uneasy because Mistress has made it plain my pathetic failings are no longer acceptable and aren’t going to be treated lightly from now on. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


  1. Wow...that sounds very intense...lucky you! Wife sometimes gives me the be restrained or not...if i choose not...and can't remain in position under my own control...and She has to stop to secure me in whatever position She has chosen...the penalty for that is most severe...i must choose wisely these days...

  2. HERsubmissive: I don't think I'd take an option to go without be restrained. I'd be getting that severe penalty every time. Tell me soemthing, do you get a great deal of sitisfaction from taking a beating unrestrained or restrained? Or doesn't it make any difference in the overall scheme of things? And more important, does your Wife prefer it if you try and take it unrestrained?

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