Monday, 28 February 2011

Dressing for pleasure – or punishment?

How many of us in female led relationships wear some kind of special clothing in the home that signifies the terms of our position as the submissive – either by choice or by command?

I ask because I read wdspoone’s excellent post at  saying how shocked he was when a lady in authority ordered him to put silky panties on before he went over her knee for a good spanking.

I posted a response but then sat thinking about the wider scope of clothing in the rituals we experience.
I’m sure I’m not alone in having a thing about seeing women in boots.

Mistress has a big collection of them, for everyday wear and some special pairs for wearing indoors! The nice thing is that women can wear a pair of shiny thigh boots in public but one bats an eyelid (except for 90% of the male population in the street is seems!) but you know what I mean.

Ditto rainwear. I’m a big fan of seeing women in sbr (shiny black rubber) or pvc raincoats. A fully buttoned, tightly belted mackintosh gives them an added air of authority in my view – and women can get away with wearing a nice shiny black mack in public because only a few of us really make that link.  And yes, we see the heads turn.

I’m sure that, even if you haven’t got a rainwear kink, as a submissive male with a penchant for authoritarian women, you will almost certainly have a passion for leather, rubber or pvc in some form. Forgive me if I’m generalizing.

But what of dominant women? Do you have a passion for seeing your subbie dressed in a certain way – or is naked best?

Obviously some women, like the ones wdsoone quotes in his blog post, obviously either like seeing their charges in silky panties or think there is merit in the clothing as a means of humiliation – or both.

I just wonder what other dominants like to see their subbies dressed in – if anything at all. Or does mention of such things merely trivialize our relationships?

When I came into this flr with Mistress I brought a lot of baggage – well bags of baggage in the form of fetish clothing! And she’s embraced my interests in every way. In fact she often has a good giggle at my expense when I present myself in some of the outfits items  I already had (rainwear) and things we have bought since (lots more rainwear but other outfits befitting servitude).

So when I’m commanded to go upstairs and change, it means, ‘put one of your silly outfits on and come down here to be humiliated.’

When I bought them – lots with Mistress helping choose things – that’s what we both had in mind so I can’t complain. That was of course when we simply played CP games and dressing up for both of us was part of it. Now, Mistress tends to prefer to stay in ‘normal’ attire unless it’s a very specially planned occasion  – whereas she insists on me wearing wear some kind of alternative clothing that is almost bordering on ‘uniform.’ And Mistress being in normal dress somehow adds to the severity realism of our flr – well that’s what we both think.

But me? I can’t cope if I’m everyday clothing when Mistress suddenly says, ‘right strip off and bend over.’ It just doesn’t feel right. It’s almost like I need that special clothing to get my mind in the right place. It’s my method of preparation.

So what about the clothing us men wear? I hope you don’t mind but I’ll quickly re-visit some of the comments I made to wdspoone’s post. Personally I love wearing panties - I'll take the slinky feel of silk over cotton any time and I have no problem presenting myself for punishment with them on - and quite enjoy that feeling when Mistress slides her fingers into the waistband and peels them back.

We even bought a selection from which are produced in a women's style but cut to suit a man’s anatomy. Sometimes Mistress will insist I wear them to go out shopping ( not only them but under my day clothes of course!). To be honest, you forget you have anything different on – until you walk into a crowed men’s toilet, unbutton at the urinal and then remember that you’ve got some delicious silky pink panties on.  Not so bad as suddenly remembering you have a CB600 padlocked firmly in place – but I’m sure you’ll understand me feelings.

Panties For Men are delectable my darlings and really cup your bottom cheeks most beautifully. They are. Seriously!  They are good quality. I just looked on their site and they’ve a whole range of new items since we bought ours over a year ago. Yummy!

What I find really humiliating is that Mistress insists on me wearing plastic pants - the type you see for sale on adult baby sites. We're not into that scene at all (but I wish all those that are the absolute best wishes) but I do have three pairs (one pair of pvc bloomers, a pair of oversize heavy duty pants and a pair of latex ones) purely to wear for punishment parade..... Having to stand in front of Mistress wearing them and nothing else is, quite frankly, embarrassing.

Not only do they add to my squirming, they work on a hygenic level because when Mistress rolls them back for my punishment, she ensure my genitals remain covered so I don’t 'dribble' over the furniture or on the carpet when I’m bent over!

I think the panty thing may be a small part of a bigger tv compartment in my psyche I don’t really understand it fully. I love looking through fashion magazines with Mistress but I'm not into dressing up in women's clothes per se. However, I do love wearing pvc and rubber raincoats around the house and have often wondered if that's a surrogate skirt. I do like that feel of the fabric brush my bare legs – or slapping against my riding boots which, forgive me if I’m wrong, is something you get wearing a skirt or dress.

But we do have other outfits that are definitely women’s clothing – or a kinky take on them. We have recently bought two pvc gowns (one yellow, one purple which I lounge in) but we also have a couple of victorian maid’s outfit (in pvc again) that I wear sometimes for the most stricter situations – when Mistress orders me to do certain household chores. Long black gown, equally long white apron. We even had the elasticated mop cap which I hated and ‘lost’. It really did feel ridiculous.

We even bought a couple of pairs of large-size feminine shoes to wear with the maid’s outfits too so the look is not only complete - but authentic.

While I don’t particularly like the maid’s outfit, I do think it’s perfect attire for household duties and certainly helps add that little extra frisson to the dusting and hovering.

I find that whole sissy maid thing really interesting, but while I don’t desperately mind dressing up to do my work, I’m not sure I’d want to go the complete feminisation route with wigs, make up, frillies etc – but can equally see why others would.

I wonder what would happen if Mistress suddenly decided she wanted me to. I would have no choice then. I wonder how many enforced sissy maids truly are ‘enforced? Or is that like asking how many of us in an flr are really in enforced submissives. If we didn’t want to embrace the lifestyle, would we actually be here?
I think wdpsoone mentioned how this form of dressing up, to get undressed as it were, very much encourages an air of juvenility and it certainly plays with my head in that way. It’s all part of a ritual we submissives seem to thrive upon.

And, as I said in my comment on Maam Yes Maam, isn't ritual everything in the context of corporal punishment anyway?


  1. Hello my friend. When Her Majesty and I play I am always naked. She does not dress me up in anything but her love! ;-) I love it when SHE dresses up however! Sometimes she will dress to the nines other times she will play in whatever she is wearing at the time. Of course I never make demands because she is the boss but a humble request is o.k. from time to time. Her Majesty owns a large collection of play shoes including several pairs of black leather boots. I absolutely positively share your fetish for leather boots! Smooth black leather, stiletto heels, ankle, knee high or thigh high. There is nothing better! ;-)

  2. A maids uniform ,black knickers,black suspender belt with fishnet stockings (black),a white choker and Im ready to clean as long as she wants.then when she inspects my work Im ready to bend over with my knickers round my knees for "rewards" with a leather belt