Sunday, 6 February 2011

The bath brush v the cane

First of all I have to apologise for not posting recently but there’s been little to say until now. However, this week I was re-acquainted with corporal punishment for the first time since well before Christmas and I’ve obviously got soft, or my bottom has, because I don’t mind admitting it came as a short, sharp shock. Just as nature intended corporal punishment was intended I guess!

It all started last Thursday evening. Mistress and I were sat having a pleasant meal in London at the end of a busy day, on the second of our three-day shopping break in the capital.

“I’m going to beat you tonight,” Mistress suddenly declared, with me nearly choking on my chips and praying no one on the nearby tables heard the declaration. “There’s been times today when you’ve really tried my patience and I want to thrash you.”

Firstly, I wasn’t aware I’d done anything wrong – apart from my usual absent-minded trick of zoning in on shops I had an interest in before asking permission if it was okay to do so. I was attentive in the shops Mistress wanted to be in, opened doors, never questioned Mistress once, always ensure I was on the lower step on elevators, walked one place behind where possible. Not because of our rules, but because I wanted to.

But I wasn’t about to argue with Mistresses decision.

Secondly though, our flr had been on the back burner for some time. It’s not been totally off our schedule.  I like to think I’ve kept up my servitude to an acceptable level, though I’m also honest enough to realise that if Mistress had penned a report on my behaviour since my last punishment session, it would read suggest plenty of room for improvement.

We’ve often discussed our regime but both of us have been pre-occupied with work so it’s been there in the background but maybe not with the intensity we’ve both known.

But I’ve had this feeling for a couple of weeks now that something’s been brewing. Just little ‘tasters’ dropped into conversations about my behaviour had kept me on my toes. But even so, Mistress caught me off guard with her statement.

Suffice to say, we had no implements at hand so Mistress suggest we buy something. Being in the centre of the city meant plenty of options to find the right tool – but it couldn’t be too noisy in the hotel so things like loud-slapping paddles were out of the equation as were swishing canes. I suggested we looked for a ‘loopy’ – a cane bent double and bound at the handle end – that experts reckon is short and swishy enough to cause an intense sting – but maybe not as swishy as a straight or crook-handled cane. Well that was my thinking, from what I’d read rather than any kind of first-hand (first-bottom?) experience.

Suffice to say we went into several of those downbeat ‘porn’ shops that sell horribly produced corporal punishment tools (we found a thin schooling whip where the leather covering had broken at the end revealing bare metal wire!) but couldn’t find what we were looking for and glumly headed back to the hotel. Just before we turned the corner to the hotel was a large chemist store and Mistress had a Eureka moment. ‘Let’s buy a bath brush,’ she said.

I suggested it would be too noisy – like a paddle but she insisted and we found a rather lovely, oak bath brush with a lovely smooth finish – but Mistress insisted and said, quite rightly, I shouldn’t question her.
So when we got back to the room I was ordered to strip and lay face down, across the bed while Mistress sat against the bed head and placed her thighs across my back. And then proceeded to paddle me. It was noisy but she was determined and gave me a couple of dozen full force whacks on my left buttock. Some came in threes, some alone and some with big gaps so I was just lying there enjoying the, soaking up the sensation.

Now I’ve had some pretty intense canings in my past. Mistress canes me hard and before this relationship I received a 36-stroke judicial-type caning at the hands of a professional with a reputation for being one of the hardest caners in the business.

But this bath brush was something else. The sting that builds is indescribable and I just don’t know how all you guys who suffer those intense paddlings, with quick-fire, full force strokes can take that kind of punishment – or am I just a complete wimp?

What’s more, two days later, my bottom cheek still felt sore and bruised – something I never get from the cane. I’ve read about canings that leave you unable to sit down for days but I’ve never had that experience – even with several strokes right on my sweet spot that ladies love to aim for.

Despite the pain, I’ve got to admit it was a lovely feeling to be lying there- trapped by Mistresses delicious thighs. If it hadn’t been for being a hotel and worried about others hearing us, then I’m sure my paddling would have been far worse.

But that wasn’t the end of the issue. Mistress made it quite clear that this was merely a taster and my punishment had barely begun. She told me in no uncertain manner that she would sort me out ‘properly’ on Sunday and that I could be rest assured our flr was back on track and I had best start making more effort to please her.

I’ve no time now to relate the full details. I have to go and fix dinner now. So I’ll catch up later.


  1. Great post. I have no doubt that your Mistress is doing what she knows is best. She knows you better than anyone else! Sounds like happy times are here again!
    P.S. I have hidden our bath brush. B hasn't noticed yet.

  2. Oh dear SB, surely by even writing this you are landing yourslef in huge trouble. or maybe that's what you wanted?