Sunday, 16 January 2011

Review Time

We had a quick chat the other night about how our new regime is working out and decided that we need to sit down, like we did when we came up with the new regime, and properly review how things are going and what, if any permanent changes are required.
That discussion is due to take place tomorrow evening.

To backtrack, in July, when we came up with our current regime Mistress laid the ground rules I had to abide by.

It was agreed – at my initial suggestion -  that she would put me through a six-month retraining programme starting July 9, in the form of a concentrated, ‘boot camp’ style regime to retrain me to think more about Mistress, pay her a lot more respect and curb my selfish attitude.

The programme was to incorporate the following elements:

  1. Mistress would assume full control of the household.
  2. I would be required to ask permission of Mistress before buying any luxury goods, spending time at the computer on the internet, working at home in the evenings. I was also required to give Mistress access to my bank account so my outgoings could be check to make sure I wasn’t wasting money on needless luxury good.  And I’d also be given a weekly cash allowance in cash for food at my workplace.
  3. I was to use the term ‘Mistress’ as the only form of address in the house - but using the term outside of the house would be at the discretion of Mistress.
  4. Mistress would assign me a list of daily household chores – and I would wear appropriate ‘maid’s-style attire while performing all household duties.
  5. Mistress would also investigate the possibility of putting me into a chastity device to curb my persistent erections.
  6. All punishment would be dealt with in a strict ‘judicial’ manner and there would be absolutely no leniency. Serious faults would be administered, if not on the spot, at the earliest possible convenience. Lesser faults would be recorded and dealt with in a weekly punishment session. I would also be required to maintain a Punishment Book – detailing not just the punishments but also Mistresses comments.

What we found is that, like we’ve read in a lot of blogs written by other couples entering into a real FLR/DD situation, the relationship is affected by outside forces – families and work – and no matter how well you plan or how hard you try, there are periods where the FLR/DD ideals get sidetracked.
Generally our regime is working and both of us feel a much stronger bond.

What’s changed is I’m more considerate towards Mistress and enjoy having to do all the chores, from cooking meals, to cleaning the house etc. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not become a saint overnight and Mistress has just read my comments and pointed out that I still have many failings, but we both agree there is an even greater closeness between us as a result of our ‘regime’.

Our punishment book seemed to be always full of my failings and punishment was regular until one day in October I made the mistake of joking that I would be scared once mistress started using the cane full force!

I was only half joking. Mistress has always caned hard – and given me a lot of strokes in each session - but somehow it’s always been bearable and nothing to really fear. I felt that kind of took the edge of what we were trying to achieve – and said so.

But things changed dramatically from that fateful comment just over a month ago.  Punishment has become just that and now I’m starting to cringe when I get the command to go and get changed. But what it has also achieved is focus my mind on our relationship more, where in the past I was easily sidetracked into more selfish pastimes…..

So tomorrow will review the past month but also look ahead to see what else needs changing. Only tonight Mistress called me back after I’d got up from the tea table and told me in future, I would have to request permission to leave the table. Only a small thing perhaps, but something else to reinforce the message of who is in charge.

I know there are other areas I’m still failing to live up to, there’s the subject of chastity to be discussed and whether I should have some kind of curfew imposed on me, limiting the amount of time I spend on this computer.

It should be an interesting discussion.

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