Sunday, 16 January 2011

New punishment toys

Two new toys we had ordered from Cane-iac arrived this past weekend – left on the doorstep as we were both out when the postman delivered them!

We bought ‘Howler’ and ‘Wicked’ – and both it would seem aptly named.

Howler is a 24” length of silicon cord, half an inch thick and so pliable you could tie it in a knot. It’s a flexible as a whip but Mistress – being used to using rattan canes, crops and thick leather paddles – found it difficult to control. She only ‘played’ with it with a few lashes, but it felt to me like the impact is concentrated in one tiny area – the very end of the cord.

Wicked is a martinet-style whip comprising four strands of quarter-inch stiff rubber/plastic tubing, each 20inches long. The tubes are all pre-curved and the implement packs a really intense sting.

Mistress was eager to try them out so I got a taste of them Sunday evening. She said she isn’t sure about Howler and needs some practice (oh dear…) but likes the control she had with Wicked, and the collection of marks it left after only half a dozen lashes.

The really neat thing was that Cane-iac even sent us a free gift….a short rattan cane – again, exquisitely finished with neoprene-style handle and lacquered finish. It’s a perfect little tool to slip into an overnight bad for those weekends away. And my does it sting!

All three implements are beautifully finished and we’ve been so impressed by Cane-iac’s high quality products and customer service that I’ve already been threatened with more purchases.

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