Sunday, 16 January 2011

The look says it all

When you have are in trouble does your Mistress have a look that makes your tummy churn but at the same time thrills you to the core?

I know instantly I’m on rocky ground because I get ‘the look.’

It’s a stare she wears with an almost imperceptible smile. Someone who didn’t know her wouldn’t even notice but I can spot those lovely lips just beginning to hint at her normal warm smile. But they don’t at this moment.

There’s no hint of anger, just a look that tells me she’s very, very displeased and she’s letting me know in the most poignant messaging service in her armoury.

She says nothing and no matter how hard I try to brazen it out by staring back, nothing breaks that look and in the end it’s always me attempting to curb the silence – usually with some inane comment, followed by a nervous giggle that makes me feel like some naughty schoolboy.

She waits patiently for the nervous tirade of meaningless chatter until I eventually find myself asking her what you’ve done wrong.

Of course shoe knows I am only too well aware of my errors and her only response to my question is always, one of feigned resignation at my apparent stupidity followed by:  “I really don’t need to explain. You know exactly what you have done wrong.”

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