Sunday, 16 January 2011

Hello and welcome to the blog

I’ve often contributed comments to female-led relationship blogs and forums but have now decided, with my Mistresses permission, to write about our own developing relationship. Our hope is that it will be of interest to others out there following a similar lifestyle.

I have had a fascination for corporal punishment since I was at school and from my earliest memories wanted to play a submissive role to a dominant female.
But it’s only in the past six years since meeting my partner that I’ve found someone will to indulge my interests.

When we first met, I introduced the idea of domestic discipline into our relationship and, from knowing nothing of the subject six years ago, my partner has developed from someone prepared to indulge my ‘games’ into a very strict Mistress who enjoys using corporal punishment to keep me in line.

On my side I’ve gone from someone who acted out my punishment fantasies maybe three or four times a year (seeing professional Mistresses prior to this relationship) to someone enjoying a loving relationship where I am expected to live up to the rules of the house and pander to my Mistresses demands.

Until recently we didn’t live a complete FLR lifestyle because there were times when I’d not play to her rules, for reasons even I can’t explain. I also found it hard to ask to be punished - because I found it slightly embarrassing, and – worse still - when mistress took the lead, I’d even refuse, and come up with any kind of excuse to avoid the very thing I craved.

I tried bratting but this just annoyed Mistress who was more interested in my obedience, using discipline to correct faults and keep me on the path she wanted me to follow which is basically to respect her at all times: this is, to always consider her feelings and demands first – not always easy for someone who is a naturally selfish male.

My lack of willingness to buckle down was having an adverse effect on our relationship but after talking things over several intense discussions we came to a point to where now I am no longer allowed to say no and must abide by Mistresses rules.

Punishment now comes either from Mistress deciding I broke her rules and need to be punished, or me feeling I have done something that warrants punishment and requesting it.

The interesting development is that my punishments have taken on a new level of severity that we both feel is necessary to work as a means of correcting my errors and now we both finally feel we are on the road to a ‘real’ FLR.

It is still not easy, balancing our FLR with normal everyday life situations such as work and family, but our perseverance is paying off and we are both enjoying a relationship that seems to grow stronger every day.

(Note: most of this first blog entry was originally written in response to a rather excellent post on Scally’s The Good-DD Life blog and encouraged me to start my own blog that might allow Mistress and I to expand on our own thoughts.

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