Sunday, 16 January 2011

Forgetting one’s place

Hi it’s g’s Mistress.

I’ve instructed g to post this.

I’d been away for a couple of days on business and arrived back this evening.  It was good to be home after two very busy days and a lot of travelling. g greeted me at the door and helped carry my bags from the car. So far, so good.

We hugged and kissed and it was lovely to see him, but it soon became clear that time on his own had not been spent well because only a few minutes later he showed complete disrespect.

I called to him from my office and instead of coming to see what I wanted, he shouted to me from the room next door.

I immediately sent him to fetch the cane and gave him a short, sharp reminder of what to expect if he does not improve his attitude.

Things didn’t get much better though. He hadn’t brought the washing in. He’d not loaded up the next batch of washing. He left my case in the hall and I ended up carrying it upstairs to unpack myself. My coat was left on the stairs – and I had to tell him to help me off with my boots. It was all basic things he is expected to do.
So I’ve told him to expect a very strict weekend regime. I’m intent on making him suffer for this relapse. But whether it will ‘cure’ him, I’m not sure.

He says he wants an FLR, that he wants to serve his Mistress and when we’re together for several days at a time he does start to behave how I think he should. But every time we’re apart for a few days it seems like we have to go back to basics again.

Is this just part and parcel of the male psyche? Do other ladies have similar issues to deal with?  I’d welcome any comments or suggestions……

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