Sunday, 16 January 2011

Caned for sarcasm

Mistress has just caned me for the second day running. We’d been out all day, having a pleasant time shopping and were just driving home.

We were on a back road about two hours from hoe so neither of us really knew which way to go so I’d asked if Mistress could pop the sat-nav on so I could find the right road but she was on her mobile to her daughter and – not surprisingly, didn’t respond to my request. So, by the time I needed to make a decision whether it was left fork or right fork at the junction, it was too late for the sat nav.

That, I’ll admit, annoyed me and I said something like, ‘oh don’t bother with the sat nav after all.’ But it was said in the most obnoxious sarcastic bent I could manage – much to my chagrin.

I could tell Mistress was seething like never before, though she controlled her anger and simply said, ‘when you get home I want you to go and get the most feared cane we have (the horribly stingy thin Dragon cane) and then I’m going to thrash you.’

True to her words, that’s what she did. It wasn’t a long-drawn out affair. Just a volley of maybe 24 of the hardest cane strokes she could muster.

Afterwards we talked it over and she explained she wanted to give me a short sharp shock to correct my foul mouth. And that I’d better watch my tongue over the next few days because she would not hesitate to give me the same again.

The good thing to come out of this for me was, what had the potential for a long simmering bout of sulky bad feeling on both sides, was dealt with quickly and the air was cleared and we’ve spent the evening laughing and joking as normal. I think that’s the beauty of our relationship…..

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