Sunday, 16 January 2011

Am I being tested?

I’m not sure what’s happening with our FLR. Whether I’m being tested to see if I bend to Mistresses will. To see if the regime I actually asked for is actually what I really want. Or whether Mistress has simply taken on board everything we’ve talked over and is taking control of the household in the most dominant way imaginable.

Whatever it is, and I’m really starting to believe it’s the latter, I’m definitely going to have to keep on my best behaviour a bit more if I want to avoid the kind of short sharp shock-style punishment I’ve just had.

I’ve always felt (fantasised?) that punishment should be severe enough to want to avoid in future. Okay, it is partly fantasy but it’s also a driven need within me to suffer – at least a little bit.

We had just had tea and were lounging on the sofa when Mistress casually said, ‘right, go and get changed.’

That, in our house, means upstairs, strip, put on plastic bloomers (or in this case, new rubber ones) and take two canes downstairs to Mistress. The bloomers are always peeled back to reveal my bare bottom by Mistress before punishment – but my penis remains covered by them to stop any accidental dribbles from going on the carpet.

My punishment was 36 strokes (thanks serving B – Mistress read your quip about her having the option to give me more than 24!) but they were delivered in a fast and furious manner, one tap, then thwack, one tap, thwack – for every stroke. I think we did 6, 6, then two 12s – with barely ten seconds between each batch. It hurt like hell.

Afterwards, we kissed. Mistress smiled sweetly and said, ‘what’s the quote about this kind of relationship you said told me about, “be careful for what you wish for…..?”’

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